Made in America Christmas: Oprah Winfrey shares her 'Favorite Things'

"So many of my favorite things are made right here in America," Winfrey added.

Many "World News Tonight" viewers sent messages about their favorite products made in America, including one instantly recognizable viewer.

Winfrey said that this year doing so was especially important.

"We wanted to highlight people from around our country who've used their creativity, who've used their passion, their skills, to create some wonderfully unique products," added Winfrey. "I think it's so important to support your local communities."

In Memphis, Tennessee, Philip Ashley Chocolates makes hand-dipped chocolate turtles with cashews and caramel. Owner Philip Ashley Rix said she's hired six new employees to keep up with holiday demand.

"Check these beauties out -- four ounces of just chocolate and nutty and caramel goodness," Rix said.

In Lincoln Park, New Jersey, Pride and Groom is a company that makes shampoo and conditioner for dogs -- 10% of every sale is donated to animal welfare groups. Co-owned by four women, the company employs 60.

After washing your pooch, you can put your dog in something from an American-made company in Portland, Oregon. House Dogge is ensuring your pup stays stylish and warm this season, with hoodies made just for them.

Owner Angela Medlin said shopping for local products is important to support future American ingenuity.

"You're ensuring the future of these companies, and you never know, you may find that your new favorite brand was right in your backyard," Medlin said.

In Hunterdon County, New Jersey, the Johnson family created a honey company called Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm. The family said they started making honey to help with their son's allergies, and the 12-year-old said it worked.

"After that," Zach Johnson said, "my parents decided to start a business to sell all the excess honey."

The Johnson family's company currently employs eight people -- and about 2 million bees.