Orlando suspect drags officer at speeds reaching 60 MPH after traffic stop

The suspect took off after a search of his car.

An Orlando police officer’s harrowing ride on a suspect’s car as he was dragged at speeds reaching 60 miles per hour were captured on his body camera in a shocking video.

On the evening of May 9, driver Zavier Askew, 25, was stopped by Officer Sean Murphy for expired tags, police said.

Askew was taken out of the car while officers searched. It is unclear if officers found any marijuana in the vehicle. When officers finished searching, but before completing the traffic stop, Askew ran for his car and got in.

Officer Murphy also ran for the suspect’s car and ended up dangling out of the driver’s window as Askew took off.

"Dude you’re killing me! Stop, stop! That’s attempted murder," Murphy was recorded saying on his body camera.

The suspect pleaded with Murphy, saying "Officer please, officer stop."

Murphy said he was dragged along at speeds reaching 60 miles per hour with his legs hanging out of the car.

The car sped towards a dead end as Murphy warned Askew they were going to crash. Murphy tucked his legs in to avoid getting pinned.

Askew hit a parked car and was arrested at the scene. He was charged with attempted first degree murder of a law enforcement officer and kidnapping.

Murphy is back on the job tonight and somehow avoided any serious injury.