Police officer saves choking baby

“I’m just the guy who showed up to do what he had to do," he said.

A Georgia police officer is being called a hero after he saved a baby from choking.

The act was caught on dashcam and bodycam footage.

Officer St. Onge, a five-year veteran of the department, arrived at the scene to find a woman standing in the parking lot, holding the baby, police said.

The woman holding the baby was Kianna Dorsey, her grandmother.

“She only had a bottle,” Dorsey is heard saying in the video. “That’s all she had.”

The baby appeared lifeless and was turning blue, police said. Officer St. Onge began CPR, using chest thrusts and back blows to try and clear the baby’s airways.

“There we go. Come on, baby. Come on,” St. Onge says in the video.

After a couple minutes, police said, the infant started to respond to the CPR, crying and breathing irregularly

St. Onge had recently taken a CPR class in February that helped him during this incident, he told ABC Atlanta affiliate WSB-TV.

Fire department paramedics arrived shortly afterward and took over.

Dorsey called St. Onge the family’s hero.

But the officer said, “I’m just the guy who showed up to do what he had to do.”

The baby was released from the hospital and is home with her family.

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