Police therapy dog caught helping himself to holiday toy donations

The Franklin Police Department posted a video of Ben Franklin caught in the act.

December 19, 2019, 11:37 AM

A fluffy thief may be on the naughty list after he was caught in the act taking a toy that was meant to be donated.

The Franklin Police Department in Massachusetts collected toys for the Santa Foundation and posted a video of their Golden Retriever therapy dog, Ben Franklin, walking off with one of the gifts.

In the video, the dog trots off holding a baby doll carrier in his mouth and turns to look at the officer filming.

The arresting officer shared the two takeaways from the incident on Facebook.

"We learned an extremely valuable lesson today. When you have a classroom full of toys ready to be shipped off to the Santa Foundation, you should -- close the door to the classroom or keep the toys elevated," the police department wrote.

PHOTO: A golden retriever at the Franklin Police Department carries a toy.
Franklin Police Department/Facebook

"If not, a golden retriever will slowly hoard them throughout the day and bring them back to his layer. Thanks to Officer Cusson for capturing this larceny on camera," the post said.

The hilarious and adorable video has been viewed on Facebook over 30,000 times and counting.

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