Police all over the world send condolences to Kentucky officers after Krispy Kreme truck burns out

The Lexington Police Department responded to a report of the truck in flames.

There's no use crying over spilled milk, but a burned-out doughnut truck sent law enforcement officers all over the world into a tizzy of sadness.

On New Year's Eve, the Lexington Police Department in Kentucky posted a photo of a Krispy Kreme truck covered in soot and burn marks, writing, "No words," with a crying emoji.

The truck caught fire Monday afternoon and was fully engulfed in flames by the time first responders arrived, Lexington ABC affiliate WTVQ reported.

Physically, there were no injuries, but police officers around the globe empathized with the emotional toll the loss took on the Lexington Police Department, offering condolences and assistance to their law enforcement brothers and sisters.

The South Dakota Highway Patrol replied with a photo of a Krispy Kreme truck overturned in the snow.

The New York Police Department responded with a photo of two of its helicopter operators, saying they were on their way to them with sprinkle-covered pastries.

Some police departments used memes and GIFs to express their shock and dismay.

The Colorado State Patrol warned officers in Lexington to stay away from brownies.

Officers in the Windy City and beyond also sent their condolences.

The news even made its way across the Atlantic.

On Wednesday, Lexington Police Officers got their source of sugar rushes back after the doughnut company, which is heralded in the South, offered to send doughnuts their way, Fox Lexington affiliate WDKY reported.

Other first-responder units took time to acknowledge the loss as well.