Temperatures plummet along East Coast as snow blankets Midwest

The wind chill may reach 6 degrees in Boston Wednesday morning.

Early season snow and frigid temperatures barreled through the Midwest and are now taking aim at the East Coast.

Temperatures plummeted in the Midwest Tuesday morning, falling to a bone-chilling 7 degrees in Chicago and 4 degrees in Madison, Wisconsin, breaking daily record lows in both cities.

Detroit saw over 9 inches of snow in 24 hours, a new record for the city's biggest November snowstorm ever recorded.

Even Nashville saw nearly half an inch of snow Monday night, the most snow this early in the season since 1996.

Now, snow, rain and arctic air are invading the East Coast.

While the snow and rain aren't expected to last long, the temperature change along the East Coast is extreme.

From Monday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon, temperatures have plummeted:

-- Atlanta dropped from 67 to 39 degrees
-- New York City dropped from 61 to 33 degrees
-- Raleigh, North Carolina, dropped from 69 to 38 degrees

On Wednesday morning, the wind chill, or what it feels like, is forecast to reach 6 degrees in Boston, 13 degrees in New York City, 23 degrees in Atlanta and 10 degrees in Indianapolis.

But some relief is on the way -- warmer than average temperatures are expected across the country for much of next week and into the beginning of Thanksgiving week.