SpaceX launch forecast includes possible showers and thunderstorms, unfavorable conditions

Local storms could bring gusty winds, heavy rain and lightning.

There was record rainfall in Miami yesterday where half a foot of rain fell in in just 90 minutes and numerous streets and roads were flooded.

For the month of May, Miami had 18.88 inches of rain which is 14.8 inches above normal.

The recent bout of rain was due to a tropical system moving through the area over the last few days.

The heaviest rain in the Eastern U.S. will be with this tropical system and it could bring up to 4 inches of rain in the Carolinas with some possible flash flooding.

These storms could bring gusty winds, heavy rain and lightning which would not be favorable conditions for the launch.

A separate storm system is now moving though Texas today and it will bring severe weather to the area with damaging winds, large hail and a few tornadoes.

Meanwhile, there was record heat yesterday in the Eastern Great Lakes, Northeast and the Southwest.

Some record highs include: Buffalo, New York at 93 degrees, Syracuse also hit 93, Burlington, Vermont, tied their record high at 92, and even Traverse City, Michigan hit a new high with 91 degree heat.

In the West, record highs were broken in Sacramento with a record of 104 degrees, Reno at 92, and Napa in California at 99 degrees.

The record heat is now over in the Northeast and Eastern Lakes but the heat continues in the West.

This morning, numerous Heat Warnings and Advisories have been issued from northern California to Nevada and into large parts of Arizona with more record highs possible today in the West.

There will be more heat over the next three days, especially as it moves into the Southwest deserts where some areas could approach 120 degrees.