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Meet the 'brave' Syrian women who came to the US to change their country’s fate
April 28, 2017 Story from US KAELYN FORDE and JANET WEINSTEIN , ABC News
ISIS counting on anti-Muslim backlash 'to sharpen the divide,' experts warn
June 7, 2017 Story from International KAELYN FORDE , ABC News
Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega's complex US ties suggest lessons for Trump era, historians say
June 1, 2017 Story from International KAELYN FORDE , ABC News
Preschoolers with depression benefit from therapy that helps regulate emotions: Study
By Kaelyn Forde and Denise Powell, M.D. candidate
June 21, 2018 Story from Health Kaelyn Forde, Denise Powell, M.D. candidate , ABC News
105 and still alive: Study finds rate of death decreases for world's oldest people
By Denise Powell, M.D. candidate and Kaelyn Forde
June 28, 2018 Story from Health Denise Powell, M.D. candidate, Kaelyn Forde , ABC News
Inside online shaming, and the 'viral infamy' that follows
By Kaelyn Forde
July 7, 2018 Story from US Kaelyn Forde , ABC News
Traffic sham: Cops pull over cardboard 'bus' on Russian bridge
By Patrick Reevell and Kaelyn Forde
November 14, 2018 Story from International Patrick Reevell, Kaelyn Forde , ABC News
Investigators probe deaths of Saudi sisters found bound together with tape in the Hudson River
By Aaron Katersky and Kaelyn Forde
October 30, 2018 Story from US Aaron Katersky, Kaelyn Forde , ABC News
DOJ announces charges against North Korean hacker for Sony, Wannacry cyber attacks
By Mike Levine and Kaelyn Forde
September 6, 2018 Story from US Mike Levine, Kaelyn Forde , ABC News
Customers tackle alleged thieves to the ground at California Apple store
By Kaelyn Forde and Bopha Phorn
August 21, 2018 Story from US Kaelyn Forde, Bopha Phorn , ABC News
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