What Would You Do? What Would You Do?

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What Would You Do? Picks

What Would You Do: White waitress wants black diners to prepay for their meals

Jun 16

What Would You Do: Bakery employee denies a wedding cake for a lesbian couple

A lesbian couple enters a bakery with hopes of buying a cake for their wedding. The baker, however, says gay marriage conflicts with his beliefs. Who will customers side with in these divided times?
Jun 16

What Would You Do: Mother forces her son to shoplift at a grocery store

At a grocery store, a mother is secretly forcing her son to shoplift food. Will customers tell on them to management, or pay for their items?
Jun 16

What Would You Do: Woman rips out recipes from cookbook at book store

A woman browses through recipes in a cookbook at a book store. Instead of buying the book, she rips pages out of it and puts them in her purse. How will people react?
Jun 16

What Would You Do: Teen boy is picked on for not being able to afford new clothes

Teen boys are shopping at a clothing store. When it comes out that one boy doesn't have money to buy new clothes, his peers make fun of him for being poor. Will anyone come to his aid?
Jun 16