What Would You Do? What Would You Do?

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John Quinones

What Would You Do? Picks

What Would You Do: Customers ridicule waiter for stuttering

A waiter with a stutter attempts to takes two customers' orders they make fun of his speech impediment. What will real patrons do?
Jul 21

What Would You Do: Boy tries to secretly replace father's prized baseball

A boy accidentally damaged his father's signed baseball and now desperately tries to replace it before he finds out. When he comes up short of the cost of a replacement ball, what will people do?
Jul 21

What Would You Do: Mother wants son to stop dancing and play sports

At a sporting goods store, a son is expressing his love for dance. His mother says dancing is for girls and demands he stick to sports. What will customers say?
Jul 21

What Would You Do: Mother wants daughter to lose weight

A mother hopes to motivate her daughter to lose weight by suggesting she wear a dress that's too small. The daughter is clearly uncomfortable. What would you do?
Jul 21

What Would You Do: Transgender man is bullied by former classmates

While out on a date, a trans man and his girlfriend are harassed by young men he used to know from school. How will people react?
Jul 21