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We played Ask Me Anything with Chris Evans backstage at 'GMA'
The star of "Ghosted" and Marvel's "Captain America" tells which Avenger he frequently keeps in contact with.
April 17, 2023 Video from GMA ABC News
6 natural remedies to help with hair loss
From rosemary oil to scalp massages, ABC News' Dr. Jen Ashton breaks down what to know about natural solutions to hair loss and thinning.
November 6, 2023 Video from GMA ABC News
Rachel Zegler plays Ask Me Anything
The "Shazam! Fury of the Gods" and "Snow White" star shares which role was more of a challenge for her.
March 17, 2023 Video from GMA ABC News
Billie Jean King talks fight for equality 50 years after 'The Battle of the Sexes'
The tennis legend also opened up about athletes such as Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka, and how they've impacted the sports world.
August 29, 2023 Video from GMA ABC News
Queer pastor stands up to hate in wake of Club Q shooting
Reverend Mallory Everhart leads what she calls a "refugee church," creating a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community: "We take really seriously that Jesus is on the side of the most marginalized."
June 15, 2023 Video from GMA ABC News
Teachers give fellow educators advice they wish they had received
As the new school year approaches, these teachers are sharing helpful tips that both new and veteran educators can use.
September 1, 2023 Video from GMA ABC News
Why this mom doesn't stop her kids with autism from 'stimming'
Jessi Brown is an autism advocate who uses her Instagram account, @siblingsonthespectrum, to share how her children express themselves through "stimming."
June 30, 2023 Video from GMA ABC News
Drag performer who narrowly missed Pulse, Club Q shootings creates safe LGBTQ spaces
Tiara Latrice Kelley is determined to show that “love always wins,” despite losing friends in both tragedies and repeated attacks on the LGBTQ community.
June 12, 2023 Video from GMA ABC News
This Bronx high school hip-hop therapy program helps students process their emotions
J.C. Hall is a hip-hop artist and social worker who runs the hip-hop therapy program at Mott Haven Community High School in the Bronx to help students deal with grief and trauma.
December 19, 2023 Video from GMA ABC News
Try this easy to make ‘Pinecone Cookie’ recipe
Lauren May of the "Must Love Herbs" food blog shares a holiday themed recipe for chocolate fudge ‘Pinecone Cookies.’
December 21, 2022 Video from GMA ABC News
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