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Justin Green
Justin Green is a producer with ABC News.
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Imagine Dragons recounts journey from local band to Pop Rock mainstay
By Ashley Riegle, Justin Green, Sally Hawkins and Allie Weintraub
March 13, 2023 Story from Entertainment Ashley Riegle, Justin Green, Sally Hawkins, Allie Weintraub , ABC News
Is there an 'orca uprising'? Like orcas themselves, the answer is complex.
By Allie Weintraub, Justin Green and Mack Muldofsky
July 11, 2023 Story from US Allie Weintraub, Justin Green, Mack Muldofsky , ABC News
Experts warn of rise in scammers using AI to mimic voices of loved ones in distress
By Justin Green and Allie Weintraub
July 7, 2023 Story from Technology Justin Green, Allie Weintraub , ABC News
Ye's antisemitic statements: The impact on Black, Jewish communities
By Michela Moscufo, Justin Green, Lizann Robinson, Rachel Rosenbaum and Laura Coburn
November 11, 2022 Story from US Michela Moscufo, Justin Green, Lizann Robinson, Rachel Rosenbaum, Laura Coburn , ABC News
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