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Cybersecurity expert on how to protect your family from AI scams
By Kaitlyn Folmer and Alex Myers
June 22, 2023 Story from GMA Kaitlyn Folmer, Alex Myers , ABC News
Father of Murdered NYC Jogger: 'We’ve Got to Find This Guy'
December 16, 2016 Story from US KAITLYN FOLMER , ABC News
Satellite data suggests coronavirus may have hit China earlier: Researchers
By Kaitlyn Folmer and Josh Margolin
June 8, 2020 Story from International Kaitlyn Folmer, Josh Margolin , ABC News
Lawyer Michael Avenatti could owe his estranged wife and child $1.5 million in spousal and child support: Court records
By Kaitlyn Folmer and Chris Francescani
December 13, 2018 Story from US Kaitlyn Folmer, Chris Francescani , ABC News
Alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein say he 'will never face the consequences' after apparent suicide
By Ella Torres, James Hill and Kaitlyn Folmer
August 10, 2019 Story from US Ella Torres, James Hill, Kaitlyn Folmer , ABC News
Jussie Smollett's $3,500 check, texts to brothers before alleged attack obtained by ABC News
By Kaitlyn Folmer and Morgan Winsor
February 25, 2019 Story from Entertainment Kaitlyn Folmer, Morgan Winsor , ABC News
'We’ll take them all': Demand for ventilators spikes as coronavirus looms
By Kaitlyn Folmer
March 14, 2020 Story from Health Kaitlyn Folmer , ABC News
NYC’s grim contingency as coronavirus deaths rise: Temporary mass burials
By Aaron Katersky, Kaitlyn Folmer and Dr. Mark Abdelmalek
April 6, 2020 Story from Health Aaron Katersky, Kaitlyn Folmer, Dr. Mark Abdelmalek , ABC News
New study shows how students around the world are returning back to school amid COVID-19
By Kaitlyn Folmer, Doug Vollmayer, Mya Green and Angeline Jane Bernabe
October 20, 2020 Story from GMA Kaitlyn Folmer, Doug Vollmayer, Mya Green , Angeline Jane Bernabe , ABC News
How fit and placement influence effectiveness of face masks
By Kaitlyn Folmer
September 15, 2020 Story from GMA Kaitlyn Folmer , ABC News
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