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Ex-NRA insider speaks out: Gun owners should be 'horrified' by what I saw
By Pierre Thomas and Pete Madden
September 7, 2020 Story from Politics Pierre Thomas, Pete Madden , ABC News
Driving while Black: ABC News analysis of traffic stops reveals racial disparities in several US cities
By Pierre Thomas, Yun Choi, Jasmine Brown and Pete Madden
September 9, 2020 Story from US Pierre Thomas, Yun Choi, Jasmine Brown, Pete Madden , ABC News
Democrats call for Stephen Miller to resign after leak of emails promoting white nationalism
By Pete Madden
November 15, 2019 Story from Politics Pete Madden , ABC News
NY Attorney General lawsuit seeks to dissolve National Rifle Association
By Aaron Katersky, Matthew Mosk and Pete Madden
August 6, 2020 Story from Politics Aaron Katersky, Matthew Mosk, Pete Madden , ABC News
Former skater sues coach, federation over alleged sexual abuse and coverup
By Pete Madden
July 20, 2020 Story from US Pete Madden , ABC News
Deutsche Bank maintained accounts for Jeffrey Epstein despite 'red flags': Regulators
By Aaron Katersky, James Hill, Catherine Thorbecke and Pete Madden
July 7, 2020 Story from Business Aaron Katersky, James Hill, Catherine Thorbecke, Pete Madden , ABC News
Scandal-plagued Buffalo Bishop resigns following Vatican review of his diocese
By David Wright and Pete Madden
December 4, 2019 Story from US David Wright, Pete Madden , ABC News
Vatican orders review of Buffalo diocese over handling of abuse allegations
By Meghan Keneally and Pete Madden
October 3, 2019 Story from US Meghan Keneally, Pete Madden , ABC News
Teacher at Buffalo seminary charged with threatening reporter who investigated church
By Pete Madden
February 12, 2020 Story from US Pete Madden , ABC News
Deep in the Amazon rainforest, armed tribesmen battle illegal loggers for their future — and ours
By Dan Harris, Brian Epstein, Evan Simon, Aicha El Hammar Castano and Pete Madden
February 14, 2020 Story from International Dan Harris, Brian Epstein, Evan Simon, Aicha El Hammar Castano, Pete Madden , ABC News
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