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An arbitrator determined a famed figure skating coach abused children. He lifted his lifetime ban anyway
By Pete Madden and DAN MURPHY
Today, 2:15 PM EST Story from US Pete Madden, DAN MURPHY , ABC News
Democratic congressman asks IRS commissioner to investigate the NRA
By Pete Madden and Allison Pecorin
May 9, 2019 Story from Politics Pete Madden, Allison Pecorin , ABC News
'What are they waiting for?': Whistleblowers look to Vatican as embattled Buffalo bishop clings to power
By Pete Madden and David Wright
September 6, 2019 Story from US Pete Madden, David Wright , ABC News
Mueller investigated whether Russians used chess to build a bridge to Trump
By Pete Madden and Patrick Reevell
April 19, 2019 Story from Politics Pete Madden, Patrick Reevell , ABC News
Maria Butina's lawyers ask for leniency ahead of sentencing
By Shannon K. Crawford and Pete Madden
April 21, 2019 Story from Politics Shannon K. Crawford, Pete Madden , ABC News
Watchdog groups sue federal agency over NRA's alleged campaign coordination 'scheme'
By Pete Madden and Soo Rin Kim
April 25, 2019 Story from Politics Pete Madden, Soo Rin Kim , ABC News
Democrats call for Stephen Miller to resign after leak of emails promoting white nationalism
By Pete Madden
November 15, 2019 Story from Politics Pete Madden , ABC News
Buffalo bishop returned priest accused of abuse to ministry after ‘thorough’ investigation. Others call it ‘a sham’
By David Wright, Pete Madden, Cho Park and Shannon K. Crawford
July 26, 2019 Story from US David Wright, Pete Madden, Cho Park, Shannon K. Crawford , ABC News
Alleged Russian agent Maria Butina in her own words: 'Truth is my best defender'
By Kyra Phillips, Pete Madden and Shannon K. Crawford
February 11, 2019 Story from Politics Kyra Phillips, Pete Madden, Shannon K. Crawford , ABC News
Lawmaker calls for investigation after deaths of migrants who fell ill in detention centers
By Brian Epstein, Pete Madden and Tom Llamas
February 13, 2019 Story from US Brian Epstein, Pete Madden, Tom Llamas , ABC News
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