TRANSCRIPT: Female Senators Sit Down With Diane Sawyer


And I looked at her and I said, "Kate, I'm not running for president. There's nothing--" I said, "But wh-- why? Why do you ask me that?" And she said, "Mom, because I want to be the first woman president." (LAUGHTER) So you think about the impact that you have--


SENATOR KELLY AYOTTE: --and the modeling of what-- what-- what do the young women see, and from my daughter's perspective it was like, "I've seen my mother in elected office and this is, you know--"

SENATOR BARBARA BOXER: Well, she better call Hillary. (LAUGHTER)


SENATOR CLAIRE MCCASKILL: Did you break the news to her we're not waiting that long? (LAUGHTER)


FEMALE VOICE: We are not waiting, that's right.

SENATOR KELLY AYOTTE: Claire, I did not want to break that news.

SENATOR CLAIRE MCCASKILL: I wouldn't have either.

SENATOR KELLY AYOTTE: What I said is, "Listen, your mom's gonna campaign across the country for you."

DIANE SAWYER: There you go. Good answer.

FEMALE VOICE: But you know--

SENATOR DIANNE FEINSTEIN: One thing that's changed in my lifetime from when I first ran for office--

DIANE SAWYER: From the year of the woman as it was (UNINTEL).

SENATOR DIANNE FEINSTEIN: --when I first ran from off-- for office women--


SENATOR DIANNE FEINSTEIN: --wouldn't-- for office. Women wouldn't support other women necessarily. It was very difficult. This was 1969. Today it's very different. I remember talking before a group way back then of the young president's organization and-- the woman said, "What can I do to help you?" And I said, "Well, you know, I'm trying to raise some money if you could help in that regard."

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