Government Shutdown Pickup Lines Pop Up on Twitter

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Nothing says great first date like a pending government shutdown.

Banished from their usual singles joints – like the always-happening Department of Housing and Urban Development – some federal employees, or at least Twitter users channeling their inner federal employee, have gone on Twitter to try their hand at cheesy pickup lines.

Posted under the hashtag #shutdownpickuplines, microbloggers are writing mostly punny – sometimes funny – shutdown-themed pickup lines.

In no particular order, here are some that caught the eye of

stodrick I'd give you my number, but my blackberry was confiscated. Let's just hang out until this all blows over. #shutdownpickuplines

FrisbeeShore Baby, can't we just pass this budget and get right to the makeup sex? #govtshutdownpickuplines #shutdownpickuplines

FrisbeeShore Hey baby, I'm cutting spending and you look like a cheap date

KellyAlready Want to have non essential sex?

p_stanton Baby, I'm not from the OMB but I will make you OMG. #shutdownpickuplines #nerdalert #onlyinDC

CameronsFace To help the budget, we're killing the lights and shackin' up at your place. #shutdownpickuplines

BrianManzullo The libraries may be closed, but I'd still like to check you out. #shutdownpickuplines

YesJohnDotCom Is that the budget deficit in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? #shutdownpickuplines

FamousDC The only thing nonessential about you are those pants. #shutdownpickuplines

In all seriousness though, it appears very likely that President Obama and Congressional leaders will be unable to avert the crisis and come up with a deal to fund the government before Saturday's midnight deadline.