What Would You Do? What Would You Do?

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John Quinones

What Would You Do? Picks

What Would You Do: Sales clerk refuses to sell clothes to transgender woman

A sales clerk refuses to sell clothes to a woman because she is transgender. How will the other customers react?
Aug 19

What Would You Do: Nail technician discriminates against woman for being overweight

A nail technician discriminates against a woman for being overweight by charging her extra money. Will anyone say something to the technician?
Aug 19

What Would You Do: Mother spends money on bag instead of food

A mother has just enough money for groceries for the week, but spots one more outfit she would like to buy. Her daughter tries to stop her. What will the other shoppers say?
Aug 19

What Would You Do: Concerned Mom Disapproves Of Son's Desire To Play Football

While shopping at a sporting goods store, customers overhear a mother deny her son's request to play football because of the game's potential dangers.
Aug 19

What Would You Do?: The Break Up

What will people say after witnessing a young couple's very public break-up?
Aug 19