'WWYD' special edition: 'Would You Lie For Me?': Karate kid

A young boy needs help fending off bullies. When bystanders agree to help him, he introduces them as his karate instructor. Will they go along with the fib?
6:14 | 09/09/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'WWYD' special edition: 'Would You Lie For Me?': Karate kid
We're back, with a new set of lies and actors. Some people think it's okay to lie when you're sparing someone's feelings or protecting them. Like this kid, right outside, who is about to encounter these three bullies. Well, well, well, would you look who it is? What do you think you're doing? Hey, guys. I actually -- uh -- my karate instructor is in there, so you better leave me alone. Whatever, "Karate kid"! What a wimp! Hey. Hi. There's these kids that are outside who are picking on me. Could pretend to be someone I know and walk out with me? Right here in this ice cream shop, our young boy will approach real customers and ask them this exact question. Little do they know, this is just the beginning. Will they join us on the ride of our lies? Let's find out. You ready to do this? All right. We've set up a total of 18 cameras, inside, outside, and on the move, at what's the scoop pizza and ice cream shop. One, two, three -- yeah! And we're following our actor, Erick. All right, we're rolling. As, one by one, he approaches unsuspecting customers. I'm sorry, could I ask you something? Can I ask you a quick question? What's up? Excuse me, miss, I'm sorry, can I ask you something really quick? There's these kids outside that have been picking on me. Here's the scenario. Erick will need to find people to help him face his bullies, get them to leave the ice cream shop and go with him outside and then he'll foist this on each stranger. You know, this is my karate instructor. Yeah, you heard that right, he's telling the bullies that this person he just met is his karate instructor. Will people go along for the ride? Let's settle in and focus on Elizabeth and Denise. Hi, excuse me. And this group. You guys are tall and you're big, I just need some help. Who quickly push varun forward for the job. He's pushing him, he's going for it. There's these bullies that have been around and I don't -- Oh my god, of course. Of course they'll help. But will they lie? So, the kind of lie we're focusing on is the other-oriented lie, rather than the self-oriented lie. And this is the kind of lie that is meant to help someone else out, especially if they're in a tough situation. Oh, my gosh. Thank you so, so much. Yeah, come here. Our actor successfully convinces them all to escort him outside. Hey, look who it is. Hey, leave him alone. Yeah, unless you want your asses kicked by somebody bigger than you. Oh! Yo, this is my karate instructor. This is my karate instructor. It's time to find out. This is his karate instructor? Yeah. You're his karate instructor. Totally. Oh, he did it. You're his car are tee instructor? Yeah, totally. Varun's down to tell a harmless lie for his newfound friend. But what about these two? There we go. Let's look at her face. We like do that. No, we're not. We're not going to do -- we're not going to do that. Do not make up stories. Oh, we're not going to make up stories. She doesn't make things up. It doesn't take them long to shut down Erick's phony story. What belt is he? Now let's see just how committed varun is to his new gig. White belt. Oh, so how long have you been training him for? He looks away and now back directly into the eyes of our bully. He's just starting. Jeter actually does karate. Show him a move, show him a Good moves, Jeter! Let's see you do that. All the bullies step backwards. I think he actually does do karate. With one fake instructor under his karate belt, Erick starts to engage more customers, most of whom, unlike varun, well, they don't practice martial arts. So I said that my karate instructor was in here. Oh, okay. Well, I'm pretty fit looking. She's going for it. But that doesn't stop some folks from playing the part. So this is your karate instructor. Okay, here we go. Here she goes. Yeah. Okay, so how long have you been teaching him? For a while now, about three months. He's getting really specific about when he started karate. And now, Erick encounters Justin, someone closer to his our age. Could you pretend to be my karate instructor? These friends -- So, wait, this is your karate instructor? Which one is it? He is. And this woman, who goes by Z. Look who it is. We're talking to our friend. We're not friends, stop. Leave him alone, leave him alone. Wait a second. Or I'll call the police. You're his karate instructor, right? Yeah, so back off. She doesn't look like a karate instructor. Oh, you want to try me? Oh! How far will they go to help Erick out? I'm his tutor. You're his tutor? This guy says I'm the tutor. And that is definitely not true. Don't make me call the cops. Please walk away. I won't pretend to be your karate instructor, but I'll pretend to be your friend, all Oh. That's nice. That's sweet. You know him? Yes. And Justin embellishes the history of this faux friendship. I've seen him walking around here before, we've talked. All right, the guys all fib, but none of them pretend to be his karate instructor. I am not the one. All three of you together couldn't handle me. Nobody should be messing with this woman. When the bullies continue to pry -- So you're the karate instructor? It's once again time to ask, hey Z, would you lie for me? Yeah. You want to try me? She went for it. What belt is he? You want to try me? She's putting the pizza down! Oh. All right, so, before things get too heated, we send the bullies away. This is lame. See you later, loser. Look at these kids. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. My heart is racing, holy. She said, you want to try me?

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"A young boy needs help fending off bullies. When bystanders agree to help him, he introduces them as his karate instructor. Will they go along with the fib? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"72889963","title":"'WWYD' special edition: 'Would You Lie For Me?': Karate kid ","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/wwyd-special-edition-lie-karate-kid-72889963"}