'WWYD' special edition: 'Would You Lie For Me?': Bike thief

A boy asks strangers to help him unlock a bike he says bullies took from him, but will they still support him when he tries to get his bike back by cutting the chain with bolt cutters?
7:44 | 09/09/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'WWYD' special edition: 'Would You Lie For Me?': Bike thief
From inside to outside this pizza and ice creep shop -- So you're his karate instructor, right? -- Our cameras have tracked the trajectory of an other-oriented lie. Yeah, you want to try me? Some went along with it, some even claiming to be a perfect stranger's karate sensei. Some refused. But will anyone stick around to help if we add in a good reason to doubt Erick's story? Now we're raising the stakes and he's pulling out those bolt cutters. Could you just watch my back for one second? Of course, I will. Thank you so, so much. This is my bike and they took it. His bike, he says, was stolen by those bullies. And he needs to cut the lock. An action we, of course, don't recommend to you at home. You're sure now? Yes, I'm sure. Once again, Elizabeth and Denise go out of their way to give Erick a helping hand. I have children myself, I don't want nobody hurting my kid. But we know they don't like to fib. We're not going to make up stories. Varun went as far as demonstrating his karate prowess to bolster Erick's story. He's now watching as Erick pulls out a giant set of bolt cutters. Just watch my back for one second. Lauryn, you ready to go? I am, yep. We send in our lead actor Lauryn to play an alarmed store manager. I'm sorry, what's going on? They're bullying this poor kid. They got his bike, they chained it up. I need somebody to help us out. You're sure it's his bike? Now Erick's about to foist another lie in the hopes Elizabeth will help him dodge Lauryn's questions. Mom, mom, tell her, tell her! Oh, you're his mom? Yes, he just claimed she's his mom. Mom? No, I'm not mom. She's my mom. She got me this bike a couple of years ago. No, I did not, you can't lie! Looks like Erick has asked her to go too far. Varun is at the door standing watch for Erick. Let's go, Lauryn, go out. Okay. She's on her way, but before Lauryn makes it to the bike rack, we see varun looking nervous, and he bails from his post. Oh, but he's walking away now. Many of the people willing to go to bat for Erick before -- So I said that my karate instructor was in here. Sounds a little odd. Oh, ok. Well, I'm pretty fit looking. -- Will not so sure. No, no, no. I'm not going to stand here while you do that. Now that the situation is a little more suspect. Mom, mom, tell her, it's my bike. Is this your mom? No, I'm not his mom, are you? Mom, tell her? I'm not his mother, either. You are. This man is so thrown off when Erick pulls out those bolt cutters -- Can you just watch my back for a second? All right, Lauryn, he's still watching his back. All right, carry on. Please, please. He's about to leave, Lauryn. It's my bike, please. He actually flees the scene. He's running, man, he's running! We chase after him to make sure he knows that Erick wasn't actually trying to steal a bike. One second, come back, come back. I'm gio Benitez, who are you? I think okay. You weren't willing to help him out when you saw those bolt cutters come out. I just said, you know what, I don't want to be part of that. We're wondering if "Truth bias" will come into play, which is our tendency to assume someone is telling the truth. Could you just watch my back for a second? Yeah. The bike does belong to Erick, but Justin still checks the facts. Is that your bike? Yeah, yeah, this is my bike. As does rikin. Whose is this? And Z. You forgot your key? No, this is my bike, they took it from me. Yo, can I call the cops? The police station's right here, I can call the police. Excuse me, what's going on? What's going on? This is his bike and there are like three or four kids in there that locked it. Yeah, this is my brother. He can tell you. You're his brother? Now, the moment of truth. Yeah. He's the brother! He actually bought it for me, remember? Oh, you bought it for him? Yeah. And the fabrication does not stop there. Yeah, we went to the mountains one day together. And we just started like biking and chilling out. But this is definitely -- Yeah, it's his bike. Justin is compassionately committed to helping Erick out. Is this your bike? Yes. Yeah, that's his. Do you guys know each other? Yeah, yeah, he's my step-brother. Oh. He went for it. You're his step-brother? You are? How many years apart are you guys? About three. Do you guys hang out a lot? Yeah. Bro, thank you so much. Thank you so much, man. I need to quickly get my bike back. Now let's check in with Z, who seems to fully believe Erick's story. Oh, my gosh, you're going to help me? Thank you so much. And she wastes no time giving him a hand. She's doing it, she's doing it! Okay, we should send her out. Oh, you got it! Oh, oh, she got it. Get out there, get out there. Successfully cutting that chain! Be careful. She's tough, huh? Oh, my gosh, thank you so much, ma'am. You're welcome. And now, the final test. Excuse me, is this your bike? This is my bike. Yeah. It's his bike. He left his key. Oh, well, we've been having a lot of theft in the neighborhood, are you sure this is his bike? Oh, yes, honey, yes, it is. Vouching for Erick? No problem. But just how far will she go? And do you know him? Duck down, Erick. Yes, I'm his neighbor. Oh! So you know him? Yes, thank you. You don't have to worry. From karate instructor to neighbor. Thank you so, so much, miss. Can I give you a hug? Yes. Thank you so much. From friend to step-brother. So, this is his? Yes. All right, here we go. And tutor to brother. Bro, is this really your bike? Let's uncover the truth. Yes, it's really my bike. For real? I swear. How are you? This is ABC's "Would you lie for me?" How are you? Good! I'm gio Benitez. Oh, my god. They're all actors. Oh, my god. You've been on a hidden camera show. Wait, actually? Are you kidding me? What was going through your mind? When he said, "Hey, there's these bullies, can you help me?" You said of course. Oh, my god, I thought of my kids. Oh. What makes you so emotional? My son got bullied, he's a man now. Yeah. From those who refused to lie -- No, I'm not not mom. Do you think there's ever a good reason to lie? No, not in situations like this. Yeah. There shouldn't be room for lying at all. When is it okay to lie? I don't really think it's okay to lie, although I did just lie. To those who went all the way. Do you know him? Yes, I'm his neighbor. You were so sweet to help him. He's just a sweet little boy, and I just didn't want nothing to happen to him. If I had to tell a little white lie then I did, yeah. The thing that unites them all. I felt that we could relate to him because he was being picked on. Is a desire to help a kid in need. I've been in that situation before with bullies and stuff so I could kind of get where he was coming from. That's why you were willing to lie. Yeah. When you're trying to protect somebody? Then you do have to lie. He was saying that's my karate instructor. I do know taekwondo. Oh, do you? Yeah, oh, she got that! Yeah! Yes! We all need a Z.

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{"duration":"7:44","description":"A boy asks strangers to help him unlock a bike he says bullies took from him, but will they still support him when he tries to get his bike back by cutting the chain with bolt cutters? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"72890188","title":"'WWYD' special edition: 'Would You Lie For Me?': Bike thief","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/wwyd-special-edition-lie-bike-thief-72890188"}