Where to get help in finding work, dealing with banks and getting health care.
The Fight for the Middle Class
The Fight for the Middle Class: Mortgage Mess Those in trouble are getting no help from banks.
Photo: Whistle Blower:  Banks Give Homeowners the Runaround
Whistle-Blower: Banks Try to Frustrate You 800-Numbers Lead to Nowhere as Banks Refuse to Modify Mortgages
Listening to the American Middle Class Viewers share their economic struggles with ABC's "World News."
In nearly every corner of the country, theres a common denominator among a down but determined middle class -- frustration with the banks.
The Fight for the Middle Class: Calling on Banks A three-page mortgage? Small town banks offer some solutions.
Take 'World News' Financial Literacy Quiz See whether you have the tools to maintain financial stability!
Economic Experts on How to Help Middle Class Economic experts talk about what could help the Middle Class
America's Middle Class: On the Edge Economic troubles are pushing some middle-class families to the edge of poverty.
How Do You Define the Middle Class? How do you define a group that's the backbone of America?
Struggles of American Middle Class: Where Do You Fit In? Four in 10 middle-class Americans now say they're struggling.
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Quiz: America's Middle Class Take our quiz to find out if you are in the middle class