Josh Groban's Star Is Shining

ByABC News
December 18, 2002, 2:04 PM

Dec. 20 -- Some years seem to promise better things. Other years deliver them.

This was one of those other years for Josh Groban.

Last April, when we first profiled Groban on 20/20 and, the story was headlined "A Star in the Making." A few weeks ago, in a recording studio in Los Angeles, we heard music producer David Foster sum up what the last eight months have brought.

Addressing the musicians gathered to record a Christmas standard, "O, Holy Night," with Groban, Foster said: "The last time we were in this room together with Josh, he hadn't sold one record. Now he's sold 3 million records."

Debut Exceeds Expectations

Sales of his debut album, titled Josh Groban, made up only one of the elements that increased the visibility and stature of a career that has exploded this year, and which began to deliver gains that surprised even some people in the music industry who believed in his potential. Foster believes that Groban, only 21, will fill a void in the market for male pop balladeers.

Several million viewers heard Groban for the first time on a 2001 episode of Ally McBeal. He played a clumsy, self-conscious kid his own age who sued a girl because she dumped him as a prom date. It was the revelation of hearing Groban's singing voice at the end of the show that started phones ringing the next day.

"It was kind of like, 'Well, that was fun. Don't expect to hear anything from that,'" Groban said of his appearance. "Then, that morning, I got a call from my manager, Brian. And he said, you know, 'Oh, Star Radio in San Diego wants to interview you.'"

Groban called the radio station and was told that disc jockeys had been playing his song, "You're Still You," all morning. Internet inquiries about Groban came in so fast that he became what one executive called "the first Internet star." A site for him was assembled hastily and his debut CD this year became one of the top sellers on Billboard's charts.

Raised in a Los Angeles family with no show business connections, Groban was noticed for his voice at an early age. He remembers one comment in particular. "Somebody came up to me and said, 'You've got a really beautiful voice. You've got a nice light bulb, you just don't have the power yet.'"