Twitter meme shows what March did to all of us

Twitter reflects on the innocent time when we had, you know, sports.

Vladimir Lenin once wrote there are "weeks when decades happen."

With four of those weeks in the past month, March felt more like a half-century.

Actually, the coronavirus pandemic wasn’t even a pandemic one month ago. The World Health Organization didn’t make that distinction until March 11. Feels longer ago, doesn't it?

Among the other events: Swaths of U.S. society closed; huge nations went on lockdown; Italy’s health care system reeled; schools worldwide shuttered; the Dow Jones shed one-third of its value; jobless claims hit a record; and autocracies consolidated.

The meme pairs two shots of the same person -- with the second in considerably rougher shape following March's march. One, for instance, used the two Robert DeNiros from the film "The Irishman," which lost out to "Parasite" for the best picture Oscar:

Others contrasted celebrities, comic book characters, sports mascots and more:

Sources familiar with the situation confirm to ABC News that it is now April.