Alex Trebek on 'Jeopardy' champ James Holzhauer: 'He has no weaknesses'

Trebek said he could see the young champ breaking the biggest record of all.

May 01, 2019, 8:47 AM

Alex Trebek stopped by "GMA" Wednesday morning to update fans on his treatment with stage 4 pancreatic cancer -- but also to talk about one of the most exciting runs on "Jeopardy" ever.

James Holzhauer, a trailblazing "Jeopardy" champion setting and breaking records at an incomparable pace, is making this current season extra "exciting," Trebek said.

Holzhauer topped the $1 million mark last week in record time and now stands at around $500,000 more than that. He has won 19 games in a row and comfortably holds the single-day win record.

"It's exciting, I watch it every night," Trebek said, adding that while the increased ratings are great, the drama is even better.

In fact, Holzhauer is so impressive that Trebek thinks he could do the once unthinkable.

"He has forced me to change a view that I've had for many years ... that the Ken Jennings record will never be broken," Trebek said.

Holzhauer still has a way to go to beat the 74 wins in a row that made Jennings a "Jeopardy" icon.

But Trebek said of Holzhauer, "He has no weaknesses ... he has a strategy, he's a gambler," referring to the champ's profession as a sports gambler.

Should Holzhauer win in Wednesday night's episode, he will tie with Julia Collins for the second-longest winning streak in the game's history at 20 games.

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