Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl show: No Janet or 'N SYNC, but 'a ton of fun'

Timberlake's concert with Janet Jackson ended in controversy.

According to Timberlake, he's not planning to have any special guests at all when he hits the stage in Minneapolis Sunday.

"To be honest, I had a ton of grand ideas about special guests, from 'N SYNC to JAY [-Z] to Chris Stapleton to Janet," he told reporters Thursday at a press conference in Minneapolis. "But this year...my band, The Tennessee Kids, I feel like they're my special guests, and I'm excited to rock the stage."

Of course, Timberlake could be lying, but let's say he's not. What can we expect, then?

"Without giving too much away, we're doing a few things with this halftime show that they've never quite done before," he told reporters. He added that his mission is to "bring so many people together through what I think is the greatest art form, which is music."

"That has been sort of the ethos of inspiration behind putting the set list together and the visuals..." he explained. "I feel so grateful every day to have the opportunity to bring people joy through my favorite thing to do...so to do that on such a grand stage, we're going to take it seriously...we want everyone to have a ton of fun."

The singer also talked about how excited he is to be hosting a listening party Thursday evening for his new album, "Man of the Woods," at Paisley Park, home of his late idol, Prince.

"I get to walk the hallowed sacred ground of Paisley Park tonight and get to play my new album," Timberlake gushed. "That didn't even seem like a possibility to me a year ago."

He joked, "I have to go on tour in Philadelphia, woman! What are you doing to me?"