Taylor Swift drops 'Lover' album: 5 things to know about the game-changer

PHOTO: Taylor Swift performs as part of the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series, Rumsey Playfield in Central Park, New York, August 22, 2019.PlayAndrew H. Walker/REX via Shutterstock
WATCH Taylor Swift says she'll re-record old albums, drops 'Lover' music video

After what's felt like an eternity, the day all Swifties have been waiting for is here: Taylor Swift has released her album "Lover."

And while Swift is known for her creative, lyrical prowess, there's also so much more that makes "Lover" so special, including the cameos, its instant success and how it's the first album she owns herself.

Here are five things to know and "love" about "Lover."

1 - 'This album is it's the first one that I will own'

On "GMA" Thursday, Swift said owning this album and the rights to it makes it extra special.

In fact, she's going to try and own the rights to all her music moving forward. Next year, Swift can re-record all her past albums again, she explained.

"My contract says that starting November 2020, so next year, I can record albums one through five all over again," she added.

2 - Trending up

The video to the song "Lover" dropped Thursday and is already close to 6 million views on YouTube, and the album is dominating as well.

The album shot to No. 1 on the iTunes US charts overnight. "Lover" is currently the No. 2 song overall on the streaming platform as well.

PHOTO: Singer Taylor Swift performs on ABCs Good Morning America at Rumsey Playfield/SummerStage in Central Park on Aug. 22, 2019, in New York. Evan Agostini/Invision/AP
Singer Taylor Swift performs on ABC's "Good Morning America" at Rumsey Playfield/SummerStage in Central Park on Aug. 22, 2019, in New York.

"You Need to Calm Down" is No. 7, so Swift is quickly taking the top 10 over. Swift is also currently No. 2 on trending artists on Billboard, just behind Miley Cyrus.

3 - Lyrical genius

Swift always puts her heart and soul into her lyrics and "Lover" is no different.

In "Soon You’ll Get Better," Swift touches upon her mother's ongoing cancer battle. Earlier this year, she revealed that after beating the disease a couple years back, her mother's cancer had returned.

In "I Think He Knows," she talks about a young man knowing she's fallen in love with him. Chances are that's her beau Joe Alwyn.

There are other lyrics that seem like a tribute to her man, like, "All's well that ends well to end up with you."

4 - Cameo queen

In "London Boy," there's a pretty iconic cameo, where Idris Elba gets involved. Elba is Swift's "Cats" co-star and collaborator -- and a DJ -- so this collab does make some sense.

"We can go driving on my scooter" around London, Elba says on the track.

Swift also has a really cute cameo on "It’s Nice to Have a Friend," with the voices of students at the Regent Park School of Music.

5 - Fans are freaking out

As expected, fans are currently listening, trying to decode all and just jamming out to Taylor.

They love the empowerment of the song "The Man," including when she name checks Leonardo DiCaprio to discuss how views on serial dating create a double standard between men and women.

They just can't get enough.

"#Lover is so perfect. the lyrics, the music, the vibe, the feelings... taylor swift really did it," one fan wrote.

"Taylor Swift saved my kinda sad Friday! #Lover," another wrote.

Amen to that.