Baby hears sister for first time and her reaction is priceless

Scarlet Benjamin, 11 months, will bring tears to your eyes.

A baby girl's reaction to hearing her sister's voice for the first time is the best thing you'll see today.

Scarlet Benjamin, 11 months, had a hearing aid fitting at Atlanta Hearing Associates in Milledgeville, Georgia, on Jan. 10. It was her impromptu laughter that brought her mother to tears as her big sister Halie called out to her.

"Baby sister!" Halie can be heard calling out to Scarlet in the video.

The moment was followed by more excitement and giggling from Scarlet.

"It was amazing," mom Carol Benjamin of Madison, Georgia, told "Good Morning America." "She screamed really loud and [later] scared herself. It was really cute."

Benjamin said that Scarlet was born three months early and developed an intestinal disease called necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). An antibiotic treatment had impaired Scarlet's hearing, according to Benjamin.

Benjamin shared the video of Scarlet hearing for the first time on Facebook, where it garnered 188,000 views.

Since Scarlet received her hearing aids, she's been joyfully absorbing the sounds around her.

"We took her outside and she was listening to all the animals and was freaking out," Benjamin said. "I shut the car door and she looked at me like, 'Mom did you hear that?'"

Benjamin hopes the video reminds families not to take gifts like hearing for granted.