Chrissy Teigen's Instagram pic of John Legend in a baby milestone pose is incredible

Teigen's followers cracked up as Legend celebrated "482 months" of age.

Chrissy Teigen delighted her Instagram followers Sunday after she posted a funny pic of her husband John Legend celebrating "482 months" of age.

The laughable image of Legend -- which shows him sitting beside a chalkboard detailing "milestones" like height, weight and number of teeth -- mimics a more earnest picture the family shot of their 9-month-old, Miles.

The board also revealed Legend's likes (family, music, peanut butter and chocolate) and dislikes (beets and bad grammar).

"Wow they grow up so fast," Teigen captioned the photo.

Teigen shared the post hours after the couple's son, Miles, posed for his own milestone picture.

Teigen, who's also mom to 2-year-old Luna, had her 23 million followers cracking up in the comments section of Legend's photo, which garnered more than 2 million likes.

Others admired Miles' photo for its undeniable cuteness.