This 'Warrior Women'-themed bachelorette party is the best of female empowerment

This bride-to-be and her bridesmaids had a warrior-themed bachelorette party.

This bride-to-be and her bridesmaids had a warrior-themed bachelorette weekend and we’re jealous we weren’t invited!

She said that over the past year and a half, “we've all felt the strain on women” and it prompted her friends to think of the idea to throw this ‘Warrior Women’ bachelorette. The weekend celebrated the fact that they always supported each other “whenever things got tough” and “looked to each other for strength.”

The six women, which includes the bride, her sister, and her four close friends, spent Saturday in their costumes “feeling empowered” walking around Lake Louis, taking photos of each other and “celebrating the strength of women.”

While many of the women bought their costumes on Amazon, the bride and another close friend actually made them from scratch.

Pinkerton originally posted photos of her gal pal getaway on the Pantsuit Nation Facebook page to an outpouring of support. She says she wanted other women “to feel the same love, support, and camaraderie my awesome friends instill in me and each other all the time,” but never expected such a large reaction.

She told ABC News that “it’s been overwhelming to see how much joy people have gotten from it and the amount of intense positivity being spread.”

Now Pinkerton is encouraging others who want to copy the awesome idea: “Our message to anyone who wants to do this: Do it! And do it better than us! And send us pictures! Because life is tough. But so are women. Because women should raise up other women. Because women should fight along side each other and support each other. Keep fighting, ladies!”

Pinkerton says they're now rethinking the bridesmaids dresses for the September wedding in Seattle. You go, girls!