3-year-old leading preschool classmates in prayer warms hearts of millions

"People were touched to see a little kid praying."

A 3-year-old boy bowing his head in prayer during school lunchtime is taking the Internet by storm.

Martin told "GMA" it was the first time she's ever heard her son pray so clearly at his Christian school, in St. Louis.

"I was very shocked," Martin said, adding that she was at school that day for Makhi's birthday celebration. "[I think] people were touched to see a little kid praying."

As mom recorded, Makhi asked for the food -- not to mention him and friends -- to be blessed.

"Bless all the boys and girls," he can be heard saying in the clip. "All over the world."

While Martin and her husband Darnell were impressed that Makhi memorized the prayer, Martin said it's consistent with his "great personality."

"He's very smart," she added. "He's obsessed with dinosaurs. He can name all the dinosaurs and something special about them. He can tell you his birthday, his mom and dad's names, where he lives ... he can tell you everything."

When he's not praying at school, Makhi is looking forward to being a big brother in July.