2018 was a busy year for beauty trends. It brought us crazy nail styles, glittery hair, over-the-top eyelashes and so much more. We loved some of the trends -- like chrome nails -- but think that some can be left in 2018 -- bye bye, garden eyebrows!

Check out these 16 trends from 2018.

Flower vase hair

Inspired by the theme in Beyoncé and Rihanna’s floral Vogue covers, YouTuber Taylor R came up with the idea of #FlowerVaseHair.

VIDEO: The #FlowerVaseHair trend is blooming all over Instagram
YouTube userTaylor R created this look after she was inspired by Beyoncé's and Rihanna's floral Vogue covers.

Negative-space nails

These color-popping designs revive simple, clear-polished manis. Best of all, they are super low-maintenance -- just think, fewer noticeable chips.

VIDEO: This nail trend highlights your natural side
Negative space nails are the perfect trend for beginners.

Drip dye hair

A colorist in Colorado invented new way to dye hair. It's called drip dying, and it's mesmerizing!

VIDEO: Colorist in Colorado invents new way to dye hair: Drip dying
Taylor Rae creates the look by literally pouring color onto her clients' heads.

Chrome nails

The high-shine chrome nails glisten as you move them. This nail trend was super hot this summer and was hashtagged more than 850,000 times on Instagram alone.

VIDEO: These high-shine nails glisten as you move them
Chrome nails are one of the biggest manicure trends right now.

Sushi nails

We love to eat sushi, but you can also wear it, too. Nail artists started painting the popular fish dish on their clients' nails.

VIDEO: This new nail trend is totally raw
Nail artist have begun to paint the popular fish dish, sushi, on their client's nails.

Colored pencil nails

These blue, yellow, red and green nails are made with acrylic and feature an actual pencil tip. Russian nail salon Nail Sunny, which has gone viral before for other crazy nail styles, made this nail style trend just in time for back-to-school.

VIDEO: Colored pencil nails are the craziest back-to-school look we didn't ask for
Russian nails salon Nail Sunny has gone viral on Instagram with their colored pencil nails.

Jelly nails

These clear-style acrylic nails gained a lot of popularity after a post on Instagram from Kylie Jenner, creating a huge interest in the '90s inspired mani.

VIDEO: Jelly nails are taking over the summer
Clear style acrylic nails are perfect for showing off that summer tan.

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Jul 8, 2018 at 8:55pm PDT

Crown eyeshadow

Crown eye shadow will make you feel like a princess. The makeup look was trending before the royal wedding of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry.

VIDEO: The crown eye shadow trend will make you feel like a princess
The viral crown eye shadow trend is resurfacing as people gear up for the royal wedding in May!

Peanut butter and jelly hair

The peanut butter and jelly hair trend is actually beautiful. The purple and brown ombre look was trending this fall with hairstylists on Instagram.

VIDEO: The peanut butter and jelly hair trend is actually beautiful
Hair stylists are dying their clients' hair to match the purple and brown colors found in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Bejeweled hair

Bejeweled hair is here to bring all your sparkly dreams to life. Festival season brought this trend to life this year and we are sure that we will see it again in 2019!

VIDEO: Bejeweled hair is Instagram's newest sparkly trend
People are taking glitter roots to the next level with even bigger rhinestones.

Twiggy lashes

Twiggy is still making an impression on the fashion industry with her iconic lashes. The stuck together, spider-like lashes were huge back in the 1960s, made famous by the British model.

VIDEO: Sixties-inspired lashes are back
Twiggy is still making an impression on the fashion industry with her iconic lashes.

Garden eyebrows

Garden eyebrows are just one of many eyebrow trends we saw in 2018. YouTuber Taylor R, who later in the year brought us the #FlowerVaseHair trend, was the inspiration behind this short-lived spring eyebrow trend.

VIDEO: Garden eyebrows are the newest spring time beauty trend
YouTuber Taylor R created these green eyebrows that resemble gardens after her Christmas tree eyebrows went viral! Thank you!

Editor's Picks

Pixelated hair

Pixelated hair is mesmerizing. When the hair is brushed a certain way, it looks similar to pixels on a computer. This hairstyle was invented by a research company, but the look had people posting about it on Instagram all year.

VIDEO: This pixelated hair is mesmerizing
X-presion, a research and development company, created a revolutionary color technique that is going viral.

Geode hair

This hair look is inspired by amethyst geodes! A hairstylist in Missouri created this glittery hairstyle that we still think is perfect for a holiday party.

VIDEO: Hair specialist invents a 'geode hair' trend that's inspired by rocks
Caitlin Ford created a glittery hairstyle inspired by amethyst geodes.

Succulent hair

Succulent hair lets us wear our favorite plants on our head.

VIDEO: Succulent hair is the newest trend people are falling in love with
Hair stylists are now using succulent plants as color dye inspiration for their clients!

Skin jewelry

The flesh-like necklaces are actually part of an interactive exhibit. The collection is not like any fashion line we have seen before. The items look like they blend into the skin, creating an effect eerily similar to plastic surgery. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Queer Eye's Tan France participated in the trend.