Pull-Up Record Broken for the Third Time in Five Weeks

Caine Eckstein did 7,620 pull-ups in 24 hours.

ByABC News
June 16, 2016, 12:01 PM
Caine Eckstein set his previously held pull-up record in 2014.
Caine Eckstein set his previously held pull-up record in 2014.
NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

— -- Australian Caine Eckstein, 30, has usurped the throne of John Orth, who reigned as king of pull-ups for only a few days.

Eckstein's record of 7,620 beat Orth's 7,600 pull-ups in 24 hours — a feat Orth is likely still recovering from, since he accomplished it Saturday. Orth, in turn, beat Virginia high-schooler Andrew Shapiro's record of 7,306 set May 14.

"At first he was really upset. He just wanted it to last a little longer," Andrew Shapiro's mother, Stephanie Shapiro, told ABC News. Orth reached out to her son via email when he broke the record, she said, calling the relationship among record holders "a great community."

"Right now the pain is intense and is numbed only by the delirium of lack of sleep," Orth said in a Facebook post shortly after his setting his record. While Orth said this dream was "more than a year in the making," his record lasted only three days. Eckstein did 20 more in 24 hours on June 14 to reclaim the title, according to The Gold Coast Bulletin. He previously set the record in 2014.

Stephanie Shapiro said that her son will likely reach out to Eckstein and that previous record holders may be organizing a pull-up competition sometime in the future.