Trump challenger Bill Weld 'horrified' by Mueller report, but impeachment not on the table

Weld said he can't back impeachment for "political reasons."

"When we finally got to read the report I was horrified by it," former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld said told ABC News' Devin Dwyer on The Briefing Room on Friday. "Despite the conclusions of no conspiracy with the Russians, there's a whole lot in there about obstruction of justice ... it’s rough stuff." Weld said.

When asked if impeachment should be on the table given the contents of the Mueller report, Weld said he didn't think it was the right move politically.

“I really don’t think so," he said. "I’ll tell you why, it’s not for legal reasons it’s for political reasons. The House could easily — there’s more than enough evidence, more than there was against President Nixon, and I worked on that case."

"But the Republicans control the Senate so it’s very unlikely that he would ever be convicted in the Senate where you need a two thirds vote," the former governor added. "So I can understand why Steny Hoyer said impeachment is not a good idea, for political reasons.”

Weld launched his long shot challenge against Trump for the Republican nomination on Monday, telling ABC News just after he made his campaign official: "I'd be ashamed of myself if hadn't raised my hand and said count me in."