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Experts recommend the best ways to cope with allergies as pollen fills the air.

April 23, 2024, 1:44 PM

Allergy season is upon us.

With the weather beginning to turn, many are flocking outdoors this spring while battling increased pollen levels that may bring about severe allergies.

Whether it manifests as a runny nose, headache or sore throat, allergies can dampen the excitement that comes along with the first glimpses of decent weather. In order to best protect yourself from the harmful pollens while still soaking up as much sun as possible this spring, ABC News spoke to allergy experts to reveal the best tools used to fight allergies.

Meet the experts

Dr. Flavia Hoyte is an allergist and immunologist at National Jewish Health, a highly-regarded hospital in the study of respiratory disorders.

Hoyte has been with National Jewish Health since 2009 and works with the fellowship program that trains up and coming allergists.

Dr. Chris Brooks is an assistant professor of allergy and immunology at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Brooks mainly treats patients with seasonal environmental allergies as well as asthma, eczema and hives.

Here are some of the best ways to cope with allergies during peak season.
Here are some of the best ways to cope with allergies during peak season.
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What to consider when purchasing allergy control products

Hoyte recommended, first, looking for non-medication-oriented remedies to allergies.

"Thinking about kind of leaving the windows closed if you're allergic to pollens, that can actually go a long way," said Hoyte.

Brooks echoed the suggestion to close windows during peak allergy seasons, especially during times of the day that would bring increased pollen levels like sunrise. Hoyte also recommended tracking windy days and the day following rainy days to take extra precautions.

Hoyte said it is also wise to become aware of exactly what you are allergic to.

"If you are aware of what allergies you have, you can better predict when the symptoms will start," she said, adding, "Not all pollens are the same." Tree pollen, grass pollen, and weed pollen usually arrive in that order, spanning from late February until the first frost.

Everyone who is experiencing allergies should ask their doctor for advice on the best treatments for them. Brooks said for most people, it's reasonable try non-medicinal fixes first, starting with HEPA air filters or saline sprays, before turning to pharmaceutical treatments such as steroidal or antihistamine sprays.

Brooks said that those experiencing allergies should first look to non-medicinal fixes, starting with HEPA air filters or saline sprays, before turning to more aggressive treatments such as steroidal or antihistamine sprays.

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HEPA air purifiers

Brooks said HEPA air purifiers or filters can rid air inside your home of pollen during peak allergy months. He said basic filters can achieve this goal, rather than ones with complex strategies.

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Nasal Saline irrigation

Hoyte said nasal saline irrigation offers an effective way to fight nasal inflammation generally caused by pollen in allergy peak months.


Arm & Hammer Simply Saline Daily Care Nasal Mist

Experts say sprays such as this one can help clear pollen out of the nasal passages.

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Sinucleanse says it can be used as often as needed to clear allergies through the day.

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Astepro Nasal Spray, 24-Hour Allergy Relief

Azelastine, found in Astepro is recommended by Dr. Brooks, as a product that can be used as an anti-histamine. 

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Allergy Tablets

Brooks and Hoyte both recommended over the counter allergy tablets as another alternative to fighting symptoms of pollen.

Brooks also recommended looking for tablets not associated with decongestants in order to focus on fighting allergies rather than a wider range of illnesses. He also recommended speaking to a medical professional before taking the tablets if you have a history of high blood pressure, since some allergy medications can raise it.


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Zyrtec is one of many allergy tablets for allergy relief.

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