The best wireless microphones in 2024, according to industry experts

Cole Walliser and Seth Miranda share their top picks for wireless mics in 2024.

April 29, 2024, 3:26 AM
Shop the best wireless microphones in 2024
Shop the best wireless microphones in 2024
ABC News Photo Illustration, Amazon

Crisp high-quality audio can greatly improve any video content you are creating.

Whether you are filming a vlog, streaming live online, or even just using a mobile device for home videos, great audio quality that a wireless microphone can provide is crucial.

If you are no stranger to social media, then you have likely watched the rise in popularity of the mini-microphone. Content creators like Tinx, Jilly Hendrix and Minji Kang have all helped the mini-mic climb to popularity. Despite its size, the mini-mic packs a punch in terms of capturing clear, professional-grade audio. Its compact design makes it easy to attach to your camera or smartphone, ensuring that your audio quality remains top-notch, even when you're on the go.

PHOTO: Shop the best wireless microphones in 2024
Shop the best wireless microphones in 2024
ABC News Photo Illustration, Amazon

If you prioritize quality audio on a smartphone device there are a few things to consider when shopping. Not all products are created equal and there are things to consider if you are looking to invest in a new piece of equipment.

ABC News spoke with leading industry experts to share some insights and trusted product recommendations to help make the right decision loud and clear - literally.

Meet the experts

First up, Cole Walliser, a content creator and director best known for his red-carpet direction with the iconic GLAMbot high-speed camera.

Walliser says there are two different permits to think about when he is shopping for audio gear. First, is quality and then functionality or ease of use.

ABC News also chatted with Seth Miranda, (also known as @LastXwitness) content producer for Adorama.

Miranda and Walliser shared some tips on what to look for when choosing the best product for your needs.

Range and Reliablity

"If you’re prioritizing audio to a smartphone, the connection is key which can vary based on your environment like busy events with lots of signals flying," Miranda told ABC News. "Be sure to read reviews of people with similar use cases and stick to known brands with reputations."

Miranda also suggests looking for mics that have an internal recording system, so if the connection drops you won't have to reshoot whatever content you are working on.

Miranda specifically called out the Shure MoveMic two-channel mic kit as he said this new release has a proprietary connection for reliability while staying connected to a smartphone.

Battery life

Depending on your needs, battery life can be a key component to consider when shopping for a wireless microphone. If you tend to be out on a set that won't give you access to a plug to recharge, thinking about a battery-operated system might be optimal.

"I use RODE mics that come in a charging case which is super handy because you can plug it in anywhere to charge it up," Walliser shared with ABC News. "I also use Zoom pocket recorders that function as handheld recorders. The one I have uses batteries -- so it's hassle-free to always have these batteries on standby."

Audio quality

Both of our experts called out using reliable name brands like DJI, RODE, and Shure to make sure that audio quality is at the top of your checklist.

"I think the quality is first and foremost, there is a difference in quality in some wireless mics," Walliser added.

If you plan to be shooting in a loud or hectic environment choosing a mic that can isolate voices to keep audio quality at its highest level is something to consider.

Durability and Portability

Both experts suggested looking for mics that are durable, lightweight and portable such as the Shure MoveMic which gives true broadcast-quality audio in an ultra-lightweight design.

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Wireless microphones

Best Overall

The DJI lavs have been widely adopted industry-wide, Miranda shared a few of the new key features he finds useful in these lavs.

"While they have a receiver they can record internally to each mic so if you lose connection for whatever reason it’s no problem you have audio saved in the mic. You can also add a wired 3.5mm mic to clip on your talent while hiding the mic body itself in a pocket, clipped to a belt or the super convenient magnet clip system which also can act like a stand for the mics to just be placed on a table between people," Miranda suggested.

"Another great feature new to this generation is 32bit float which gives a lot of range to fix any blown-out audio. I also really like the fact the mics vibrate when whoever is controlling the receiver mutes or activates your mic so you can collaborate easier and faster with crew if you’re far away or in a hectic environment," Miranda added.


DJI Mic 2 (2 TX + 1 RX + Charging Case), All-in-one Wireless Microphone

This wireless microphone set can record up to 14 hours of internal recording giving you backup in case the wireless connection is lost when recording. There is also intelligent noise-canceling technology that makes vocals more clear when conducting interviews or shooting videos in locations with unpredictable sounds.

  • $349
  • DJI

Best for a two-mic set up

"The ShureMove Mic would be my pick for a Bluetooth option that allows for two mics if you need to conduct an interview," Miranda shared.

The mics are minimal and lightweight, which can help nervous talent forget they are even being recorded. Shure also worked to ensure that while they are an Omni pattern mic, it can isolate voices to help in hectic environments where you don’t have control over sound on location.


Shure MoveMic Two Kit - Pro Wireless Lavalier Microphones with Camera Receiver for DSLRs, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC, 2 Bluetooth Mini Mics, 24 Hours Charge, IPX4, Portable Clip Lavs

According to the brand website, "MoveMic has been purposely designed with one of the smallest, most discrete form factors on the market to be almost invisible – nobody wants a big, bulky microphone distracting your next shot."

  • $499

Best battery powered

Walliser suggested the Zoom F2 Lav pocket mic as a great option to choose if looking for something battery-powered. He shared that having extra batteries on hand is sometimes easier than finding a place to charge up your mics.


Zoom F2 Lavalier Body-Pack Compact Recorder, 32-Bit Float Recording, No Clipping, Audio for Video, Records to SD, and Battery Powered with Included Lavalier Microphone

This pocket lav mic records directly to micro SD and SDHC cards up to 512 GB.

  • $149.99
  • Zoom

Budget friendly


RØDE Wireless ME Ultra-compact Wireless Microphone System with Built-in Microphones, GainAssist Technology and 100m Range for Filmmaking, Interviews and Content Creation, Wireless ME

This compact and affordable wireless mic system has the capabilities to record your subject from over 100m away. With over 500 5-start reviews this microphone set is a great budget-friendly and high quality option. 

  • $149
  • RODE

RØDE Charge Case for the Wireless GO II With Two Full Recharges, Rugged Enclosure and Zip System

  • $74.99
  • Amazon

Wired mini-microphone under $10


Mini Portable Vocal Microphone for Mobile Phone, Computer, Tablet, Recording Chat and Singing

Small but mighty the original mini-mic on Amazon is under $10 and can be a fun addition to any video content. 

  • $8.99
  • Amazon