Oh, Canada! Parody Video Spoofs Airline Gaffes

A new skit produced by CBCtv takes aim at recent gaffes made by Air Canada.PlayABCNews.com
WATCH Parody Video Pokes Fun at Air Canada

Canceled flights and lost luggage are problems that plague every airline at some point or other. But losing a pet and denying a soldier's service dog entry are two recent gaffes reserved for Air Canada alone.

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A new parody video by CDCtv pokes fun at those blunders, and the frustrating ordeal of dealing with customer service agents over the phone, by having a fake representative, named Trevor, read from a list of possible complaints to passengers in an airport.

As the list of complaints grows, Trevor adds a few more, such as stolen shoes and stinky situations, all for comedic effect.

Air Canada did not respond to ABC News' request for comment.

"If you have special dietary needs and requested an in-flight meal, then your flight attendant ate half the meal in front of you and then dropped the rest on the ground, then made you eat the other half off the ground, press 7," Trevor says. For the complete skit, click the video above.

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