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Bringing America Back: The cost of Amazon's profits and more to know

Get the day's top stories in economic recovery and medical preparedness.

Bringing America Back is an ABC News feature that highlights the day's top stories in economic recovery and medical preparedness amid the coronavirus pandemic. These stories delve into the key steps America is taking -- or needs to take. Stay on top of the latest developments regarding states' social distancing measures, advancements in the treatment of COVID-19 and more.

Amazon shares skyrocket amid COVID pandemic, but some workers question 'human cost'

Amazon has been profiting during the pandemic, with its stock reaching an all-time high last month and the online shopping giant in a hiring frenzy. But some warehouse workers have gotten sick or died of COVID-19. One former worker said the company is "putting profits above people." Amazon, meanwhile, said it has deployed millions of masks and ramped up cleaning of its facilities. It has also pledged to reinvest its profits into COVID-19 response.

Coronavirus vaccine in human trials relies on body's genetic material

A "novel approach" to vaccination is underway at four sites leading the trial of an experimental novel coronavirus vaccine. The drug candidate from Pfizer and a German partner relies on the body's own genetic material to trigger an immune response. If approved, it will be the first vaccine of its kind.

States worried about mail-in ballot access during pandemic considering online voting options

From cybersecurity threats to the Iowa caucus debacle, online and mobile voting is fraught with issues. But with COVID-19 likely to keep large portions of voters away from voting booths this fall and expanding paper ballot access a challenge, some states -- including Delaware, New Jersey and West Virginia -- are preparing to use online voting platforms for upcoming local elections and presidential primaries.

Amid test shortages, Pentagon funds tech firm's push to identify infections with body-worn sensors

A significant portion of those infected with COVID-19 never become symptomatic at all. One company, physIQ, is working on developing body-worn sensor technology that would predict infections in asymptomatic people. The Pentagon-backed initiative is being eyed as a possible new weapon against the virus.

States are running out of unemployment money, but claimants shouldn’t worry

Amid historic job loss nationwide, nine states -- New York, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, West Virginia, Texas, Massachusetts and Ohio -- might soon deplete their unemployment trusts, according to the Tax Foundation. This week, the states requested to borrow a total of $38 billion from the Federal Unemployment Account.

The COVID-19 effects hospitals didn't foresee: Financial distress

Hospitals knew to expect fewer outpatient services and elective surgeries during the pandemic. What wasn't expected? Notable declines in emergency room visits and in-hospital stays. Now, hospitals across the country are dealing with billions of dollars in losses, and job losses in health care second only to the leisure and hospitality sector.

Army secretary says it's important to keep soldiers training safely

The Army is investing in testing and putting new social distancing procedures in place to protect new recruits and nearly half a million active-duty soldiers."We're learning how to behave much better, how to behave in it and deal with it," Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told ABC News in an exclusive interview.

Confrontations over masks erupt amid crisis

The killing of a security guard at a Michigan Family Dollar store in Flint last week is one of several violent confrontations across the country stemming from face masks. The escalation coincides with growing tensions over stay-at-home orders and keeping businesses closed.

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