Family talks going viral for mom's squeaky-oven Usher dance: 'If you want to be famous... put your mama on there'

The family says their mom dances everywhere.

A hilarious video of a Florida mom dancing to her squeaky oven while her apparently-mortified daughter looks on has racked up 80 million views – and counting.

Amy Stephens told ABC News her 16-year-old daughter Kasey has been a "fanatic" of social media platform TikTok and has been making videos for eight months "trying to become famous."

"If you want to be famous girlfriend, put your mama on there and I’ll make you famous!" she joked. Kasey admitted her mom’s newfound internet fame made her "a little bit jealous."

Daughter Emmalee, 17, said, "The next day we’re looking on Instagram and we see her video, and we’re just like, 'what is going on?'"

Stephens said she dances everywhere – "I dance on the treadmill at the gym … I dance around the house when I’m cleaning, I just dance all the time!"

But her three daughters Kasey, Emmalee and Haley, 19, said they certainly don’t break it down with her.

"She’ll start dancing at Walmart or Publix - I walk away from her and pretend she’s not my mom," Kasey laughed. "I know my reaction looks like don’t love her and I’m not grateful for her but I really am and I really do love her."

Emmalee says their dad Michael is "just as funny as our mom and does embarrass us just as much. When she was filming that video, he was just kind of rolling his eyes on the couch -- and now that she’s like blowing up, he’s kind of shocked as we are!"

"I think it’s OK to show your kids that it’s OK to have fun make fun of yourself," Stephens said. "There’s so much going on in the world we can’t control, so don’t take things so seriously … laugh and the world laughs with you."