The Conversation Welcomes ABC's New iPad App Into the Tech World

Dan Harris and New York Times reporter Nick Bilton look at ABC's new iPad app

July 22, 2010— -- ABC News joined the world of iPad applications today with a new app that delivers news in an exciting new way. Our new iPad globe is taking the information you want and turning it into an interactive experience.

The new app allows you to spin the globe with just a swipe of your finger, or shake the globe to reshuffle the top stories and videos of the day.

So ABC's Dan Harris asked New York Times technology reporter Nick Bilton to try out the new app and give his thoughts.

How does Bilton think the new ABC application ranks against other news apps currently available on the iPad? Is our globe something that will keep readers engaged -- or simply a gimmick?

With so many news sources out there, how do news companies decide the best way to deliver the news? Does Bilton believe that people are looking for news organizations to filter the news for them in this age of social media?

And finally, the burning question we know is on everyone's mind: Who picked the catchy song that is introducing this app to world?

We hope you'll watch today's Conversation, preferably on our new iPad application.

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