Dan Gasby on wife B. Smith's battle with Alzheimer's and his new relationship

'I'm keeping my vows,' the lifestyle icon's husband told 'The View' co-hosts.
12:26 | 02/07/19

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Transcript for Dan Gasby on wife B. Smith's battle with Alzheimer's and his new relationship
No one wants to think about what it would be like to watch a loved one battle a devastating disease like alzheimer's. But the surprising way Dan gas be husband of the legendary B Smith is choosing to handle it. Made him a hot topic here last week. Here's their story. These Smith is a woman who has worn many hats model crystal on tour author television host and lifestyle guru. She built an empire with help from her husband and business partner of 26 years dance dance beat. Can but when be was diagnosed with alzheimer's disease six years ago she lost her empire behind to speak publicly about alzheimer's. You know the stated. You don't month. And along with her husband advocates for research. They call authored a book about their journey and den use their FaceBook page to post a daily journal of life caring for a wife. Who'll soon have no memory of who he has until one day last December. When Dan's post took a shocking turn. He posted this photo with Alex Lerner. Going public about their relationship. Along with the hash tag line line. Gas he still lives with and cares for beef and hasn't bedroom in their home for Lerner who stays there a few times a week. There are being. Please welcome Dan gasping. And the last time I saw. You was last summer and Sag Harbor we know each other gases and the last time I saw Barbara. I was in your pool with both of you when she was showing me her new cookbooks and cook Kenya in and the barber that. I knew in his how is she doing now. She is in remarkably. Good shape from. The eyebrows down. She's 69 years old. She could Wear a bikini to peace that's own. A blood pressure's 117 and over 74. When but she's a toddler. And it. She's in in in a journey a journey that many of you. Know someone all will have be virtually people who see the way life is changed. And so it's it's it's extremely difficult. To love someone. To have done what we've done what we've accomplished together. To be criticized. And to not have a form like I'm having today. To have my side us the story told. I was put out. That I was I'd left my wife I was put out that this woman who unknown -- what was live in full time she comes to visit. That. Spot she made me I I mean every cut a bad thing you could possibly imagine. I was accused of the other side of that coin was also because the person. That I've now involved with his wife the race you any window. Is devastating. And I'll tell you I'm eyewitness something I'd stop were mild alzheimer's. Bracelet I were something from Timbaland. Marlon Manuel only love can conquer hate people were killed. Trying to help someone. Find cries so find got to find. Goodness. And what I've seen. Alex deal with my daughter myself. And friends who support us. Makes me realize that I'm doing the right thing. Well let me let me say this and because we know each other and I'm going to be honest and my grandmother suffer from alzheimer's and and her. Husband left her home and I'm comment not uncommon and I she lived with me and my mom and my husband. And it I know how difficult it is to be a caregiver and and I commend you for it. Being a caregiver because I know it's hard and it was hard for us. But this is what I don't understand absolutely you can really got people talking. Because. You. Have a girlfriend. And you're entitled to have your life what I don't understand is that you have your girlfriend. Who. At times spending the night. In your home that you share. With your wife will only just how did did you ever because both beat can't consent to that now won't so. Did you discuss that while. What she was able to consenting. Let me say this we wrote a book called the book would get. When. Big got the diagnosis we get the diagnosis and mount Sinai we woke from a 101 fruits and 92 street. And she stopped me put my hand her handle my om and she says I want you to tell the story. I wanted to do what we discussed many times cause most people out here don't have will. Don't have any idea what's gonna happen. If something the what is happen she said to me I want you to go on. What most people don't know is that. In 2008. Is when we first saw the signs and I kept it quiet for five years was until 2013. That I actually. Soil form scientific proof. That the beta amyloid plaque in the towel was destroying her Brian. We will Deb book warts and all because each and every one of view here at some point is going to have to deal. What a situation as catastrophic. If you get lucky you get old and if you get old something happens and what most people don't understand quite honestly. What they fail to realize. Is have you made a plan did you discuss it and can you execute it and more importantly. Like if you're you're. The person who do grandmothers. Significant other are you gonna moderate. I'm not doing everything that we didn't discuss we would and business we were two sides of a point. But what did she say you can have your. Girlfriend lives she in our home. No limits it wouldn't know let me let me say this what she said to me was both put the wolf. I sold a home that the home that I didn't India it records every day she was escaping. 34 times and it was almost like and then and I know Illinois right on the water vital water Brett but she'd end up walking down the road. She would get up into if she saw someone who was a large black man she would get in the car. Because she thought it was me yes and we had a situation where. I assume will look we we sold the home I've bought another home a bitter home at this point in my life at almost 65 news hope I should be in a two bedroom. Not having to worry but I want to hurt to have the dignity. Of freedom. Sanity for me. And at the same time I wanted to make sure that as long as I have rods a move. Easily placed in a facility yes and I would not do that so this notion of vowels and keep in my bowels. I'm keeping my mouth vowels ought to protect. Two to care for. But did eyes did did I say off. So in sickness and in health yeah instances of ballot which and I I respects I know that helped while. I we have we have no I do this all the time we're at a time. These citizen I kind I would be I was saying on this topic even came up it harassed Alice one and Union Station in Washington DC that my dad I would go to all the time you dead one. Her old meat that spews an American is successful she and they she's an icon I think for me. Seeing her this way and maybe this is especially need to have that it's okay to see that darknets getting a disease like that. For my family when he I said no pictures no photos I certainly could have brought that's it my mom brought home some way friend Mike Stanley would have. You need so I think for me I just it did she want to be seen. In the way that I don't remember her and we're talking about whether or not you wouldn't want her image out there like best what was behind your decision to put this out there. He told me I want to just like a book to tell and showed what's at all. The biggest problem we have would Susan unbelievable situation. She's a beautiful woman. People want her would make up she can Wear make up around the house and a people gave me grief. When she went from stray hair to locks than people gave me grief when she went blocks to wish we should we cut her hair. Tooth pulled who walks out so I've gotten grief no matter what I do but the one thing that I know is consistent is. Listen to what she said. We made these plans a long time ago I have the same plans with my daughter if something goes wrong with me do not resuscitate. It's something in those who have all with me and it becomes burdensome put Lee in a facility. But most people see the world is so let's slaughter them what we think here. People understand from birth to make tuition to death it's a cycle. In America people think Depp as almost optional they don't plan for as her that her original plan foot and you don't want. Everyone in this room what all of you are but temporarily tabled. Because you're gonna have some sort of disease even in your family. Or yourself and someone is gonna have to take care view in 19100 people live to be 49 now people who live going to be eighty. I studied this because once I got involved I realize. In America today if you're 851. In three people will have alzheimer's if you're black it's one and two. And you are your girlfriend Alex as here we want it to ask that question so pilots learners and the audience and Alex you knew about these condition. You ruled. Yeah I. And and yet you chose to entrant to this relationship did you miss my question to you is it do have reservations did you ever. Suspect you would get the racial. Backlash. That you are getting as a result. Now a you know Dan I became friends and we were friends for our quite a long time before. This relationship changed. We were going I was going to experience with my father having to mention and I had to put and at the end of the summer of 78. After we had meant. I had to put him into a home in Germany. But. Dan was there for me and helped me through that later on day and into surgery. And I help them out I took care of him. So there were a lot of events that took hair during. Period of six months or so. Where we've got to know we're just and we became closer. You think this is disrespectful to Barbara to be. You know I don't see it that way because. First of all we we do a lot of things we've been together. And the time you know I think she probably has more stimulation now than she and that did he formally take around four. Walks and ears and hands. To friends' houses and so forth. So. That's how this isn't a heart wrenching situation at an early. Judgmental people you know we've got to walk in the shoes and a desire is sad that it I turned into you know at this this. Race race racial fight almost. Our thanks Dan Ganske and Alex Lerner Dan and be co authored a book together called before I forget love hope. Help and acceptance in our fight against alzheimer's it's available everywhere. Books are sold.

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{"duration":"12:26","description":"'I'm keeping my vows,' the lifestyle icon's husband told 'The View' co-hosts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60916124","title":"Dan Gasby on wife B. Smith's battle with Alzheimer's and his new relationship","url":"/theview/video/dan-gasby-wife-smiths-battle-alzheimers-relationship-60916124"}