What Would You Do? What Would You Do?

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What Would You Do? Picks

What Would You Do: Thief snatches purse

At a bar a man snatches a woman's purse hung on her chair. Will anyone say something? What happens when the thief is a woman?
Sep 23

What Would You Do: Teen boys verbally, emotionally abuse homeless person

Three teen boys are verbally and emotionally abusing a homeless man. How will passersby react? What are the reactions when the homeless person is a woman?
Sep 23

What Would You Do: motorist hits car while parallel parking

While parallel parking, a motorist slams her car into the car parked directly behind them, knocks the front bumper off of that car and leaves the scene.
Sep 23

What Would You Do: Latino men met with prejudice after placing order

When two Latino men place an order in Spanish at a store they are met by extreme prejudice from the cashier. Will the other customers speak up?
Sep 23

What Would You Do: Thief steals gas out of cars

At a gas station someone is stealing gas from another customer when that customer steps away from the pump. Will any of the witnesses speak up?
Sep 23