What Would You Do? What Would You Do?

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John Quinones

What Would You Do? Picks

What Would You Do: Kids Dispute Santa's Skin Tone

Two little girls see a Santa, who is black. The black girl is excited, but her white friend says that the real Santa is white.
Dec 16

What Would You Do: Family Cannot Afford Christmas Tree

A low income family visits a Christmas tree lot. They only have $25 to buy a tree on the lot but want a tree that is beyond their mother's budget.
Dec 16

What Would You Do: Santa Gets Drunk On His Break

A man dressed as Santa is at a restaurant bar getting ready for his shift at the mall, by having a few cocktails.
Dec 16

What Would You Do: Interviewer Belittles Little Person On Job Interview

A man is conducting an interview for a sales position within his company. The interviewer is ignorant and belittles the little person.
Dec 16

What Would You Do: Kids Overprice Apple Cider To Buy Toys

Kids selling apple cider are overcharging customers. Their sign reads that proceeds go kids in need but they take the cash to buy new toys.
Dec 16