Map of Bobbi Ann Finley's Alleged Fraud

Bobbi Ann Finley has been dubbed the "Military Mistress" for breaking the hearts of more than a dozen men, allegedly targeting military servicemen before draining the bank accounts of at least a dozen and leaving many in financial ruin. For almost two decades, Finley crisscrossed the country, finding the servicemen at military bases where they say she lied to them from the start, claiming to be everything from a wounded veteran of the Iraq war to the wealthy daughter of a decorated general. "20/20's" Chris Cuomo sat down with nine of the men who say that they were financially and emotionally victimized by Finley. In an exclusive interview, Finley, 34, tells Cuomo that she may have destroyed some lives but claims she is also a victim. "I may be the most hated person in America," says Finley, "But I'm not a con woman." While she does admit that she has a history of writing bad checks, she insists she is not a thief or bigamist.

Zoom in on the map to see Finley's alleged victims. Click on each dot to hear their stories in their own words.