Searching for Mexico City's Most Anonymous Celebrity

June 13, 2013

A little girl's voice emanating from the speakers of a scrap metal truck is one of the most inescapable sounds in Mexico City.

But who is she? Depends who you ask. Rumors abound.

After dozens of phone calls, tweets, and emails, I've heard at least four different theories about who she is. I've also found numerous convincing recordings of young children chanting her verse on YouTube, claiming to be the original.

In my research, many Mexicans told me my quest to find the "fierro viejo" (translation: scrap metal) girl was impossible. There's no way to prove for certain who was the original and who are impostors anymore, because the CD's with her voice are commonplace and have spread organically throughout the city's vendor community. The voice, it seems, belongs to the city itself.

If you have any information about who she might be, email me at

I need all the help I can get.

(Sound editing by Jess Blank and audio elements sampled from Youtube users Apperceptions, Manuelita67, Tinou Bao, Mexllmx Rayoomix, Sicariotv)