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Claire Shipman is a contributor to ABC News' "Good Morning America." She joined the morning broadcast in May of 2001 and is based in the network's Washington, D.C., bureau.

Shipman regularly interviews newsmakers for "Good Morning America." She has conducted in-depth interviews with former Vice President Dick Cheney, Queen Rania of Jordan, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as presidential candidates and political leaders. Shipman has also reported from Iraq, where she spent time with former U.S. Ambassador L. Paul Bremer. She was part of the team that covered the 2008 presidential election for ABC News and continues to report on a wide range of news stories affecting the lives of Americans across the country.

Prior to joining ABC News, Shipman served as NBC News' White House correspondent. There, she regularly reported on presidential policy and politics for "NBC Nightly News With Tom Brokaw" and the "Today" show. In addition to her NBC duties, Shipman wrote a popular column for John F. Kennedy Jr.'s George Magazine.

Through her on-the-ground reporting during the 2000 presidential election, Shipman broke many big stories at NBC. On "Today," she conducted the first televised interview with then Vice-President Al Gore in the wake of his campaign finance troubles. She was the first to report that Gore would name Sen. Joseph Lieberman as his running mate and, in December of 2000, she was the first to report on the Florida Supreme Court's decision to allow a recount of contested ballots.

Before joining NBC, Shipman spent 10 years at CNN, where she covered the White House. Shipman previously spent five years at CNN's Moscow bureau, where she won international praise for her coverage of Boris Yeltsin's 1993 assault on the Russian Parliament building.

Shipman's reporting from Moscow helped CNN earn a National Headliners Award. Her reporting on the aborted Soviet coup and 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union won the network a coveted Peabody Award. She received a DuPont Award and an Emmy Award as one of the key contributors to CNN's coverage of the 1989 Tiananmen Square student uprising. She is also the recipient of a DuPont Award for CNN's coverage of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

Shipman began her broadcasting career as a production assistant and intern at CNN's bureau in New York City. She holds a graduate degree in international affairs from Columbia University and a B.A. in Russian studies from Columbia University, where she graduated magna cum laude.

In June of 2009, Shipman's first book entitled "Womenomics" (co-authored by Katty Kay) was published by Harper Business. Shipman, a native of Columbus, Ohio, resides in Washington, D.C., with husband Jay Carney and their two young children.

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