John Kapetaneas

John Kapetaneas
Segment producer and contributing business writer for Good Morning America, America This Morning, and World News Now.
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How FBI says Michigan gov kidnapping plot went from texts, small gatherings to raid
By John Kapetaneas, Neil Giardino , Stephanie Fasano, Mack Muldofsky and Allie Yang
October 20, 2020 Story from Politics John Kapetaneas, Neil Giardino , Stephanie Fasano, Mack Muldofsky, Allie Yang , ABC News
Cybersecurity experts break down a cyberattack as they become increasing threat
By John Kapetaneas, Pierre Thomas, Neil Giardino and Laura Coburn
June 9, 2021 Story from US John Kapetaneas, Pierre Thomas, Neil Giardino , Laura Coburn , ABC News
Inside YouTuber Mark Rober’s workshop, rocket-powered golf clubs and a giant Nerf gun
By Ashan Singh and John Kapetaneas
December 1, 2020 Story from US Ashan Singh, John Kapetaneas , ABC News
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge co-creator Pat Quinn dies at 37
By Ivan Pereira, John Kapetaneas and Zoe Lake
November 22, 2020 Story from US Ivan Pereira, John Kapetaneas, Zoe Lake , ABC News
At an Amazon warehouse, COVID-19 and the holidays are keeping employees busy with purpose
By John Kapetaneas, Deborah Kim and Juju Chang
December 23, 2020 Story from US John Kapetaneas, Deborah Kim, Juju Chang , ABC News
Afghan contractor details his family's escape from Kabul
By Allie Yang, Annie Pong and John Kapetaneas
August 17, 2021 Story from International Allie Yang, Annie Pong, John Kapetaneas , ABC News
Street racing in California only getting more brazen, and more dangerous
By John Kapetaneas, Stephanie Lorenzo and Allie Yang
April 28, 2021 Story from US John Kapetaneas, Stephanie Lorenzo, Allie Yang , ABC News
Memories of Taliban rule strike fear, uncertainty in Afghan women
By Deborah Kim, John Kapetaneas, Laura Coburn, Ashan Singh and Juju Chang
August 18, 2021 Story from International Deborah Kim, John Kapetaneas, Laura Coburn, Ashan Singh, Juju Chang , ABC News
'Any day you can be taken': Inside what it's like to be gay in Chechnya
By Patrick Reevell, James Longman and John Kapetaneas
October 25, 2019 Story from International Patrick Reevell, James Longman, John Kapetaneas , ABC News
How one of the world’s largest casinos is planning to reopen in the wake of COVID-19
By John Kapetaneas and Juju Chang
May 7, 2020 Story from Entertainment John Kapetaneas, Juju Chang , ABC News
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