MaryAlice Parks

MaryAlice Parks
Former ABC News Frank Reynolds Fellow. Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism alumni (2013).
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How inflation hits women harder at home and at the grocery store
By MaryAlice Parks
October 5, 2022 Story from GMA MaryAlice Parks , ABC News
For pregnant women with cancer, doctors fear abortion bans 'could be a death sentence'
By MaryAlice Parks
July 19, 2022 Story from Health MaryAlice Parks , ABC News
With enough monkeypox vaccine finally in hand, US seeks to make more shots at home
By Cheyenne Haslett and MaryAlice Parks
August 30, 2022 Story from Health Cheyenne Haslett, MaryAlice Parks , ABC News
Jan. 6 artifacts collected at American History Museum point to organization, planning and violence
By MaryAlice Parks
January 6, 2022 Story from US MaryAlice Parks , ABC News
Period-tracking apps may help prosecute users, advocates fear
By Michela Moscufo, MaryAlice Parks and Jeca Taudte
July 2, 2022 Story from Health Michela Moscufo, MaryAlice Parks, Jeca Taudte , ABC News
Responding to Roe's demise, some fellow Democrats tell Biden: 'Do absolutely everything'
By MaryAlice Parks and Ben Gittleson
June 28, 2022 Story from Politics MaryAlice Parks, Ben Gittleson , ABC News
Russia may be 'looking to move further' into Ukraine, its foreign minister warns
By Conor Finnegan and MaryAlice Parks
November 11, 2021 Story from Politics Conor Finnegan, MaryAlice Parks , ABC News
Rep. Dan Kildee recounts 'traumatic' Jan. 6 attack, a year later
By MaryAlice Parks and Mariam Khan
January 2, 2022 Story from Politics MaryAlice Parks, Mariam Khan , ABC News
Americans can start applying for student loan relief in October, White House says
By Cheyenne Haslett, MaryAlice Parks and Gabe Ferris
August 26, 2022 Story from Politics Cheyenne Haslett, MaryAlice Parks, Gabe Ferris , ABC News
3 Republicans who impeached Trump vie to keep their seats in Tuesday's primaries
By Miles Cohen, MaryAlice Parks and Benjamin Siegel
August 2, 2022 Story from Politics Miles Cohen, MaryAlice Parks, Benjamin Siegel , ABC News
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