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8-year-old choreographs end-of-year recital at home after it was canceled
Maximus wants to inspire all boys to get into dance!
November 28, 2020 Video from GMA ABC News
Walking alone at night and worried? Try these TikToks from safety-minded creators
TikTok creators Mendy Perdew and Craig Conrad say to make a lot of safety call videos for your friends and family.
November 28, 2020 Video from GMA ABC News
Uncomfortable conversations: a Black thought leader’s advice to white Americans
Emmanuel Acho, host of ‘Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man,’ shares what he’d tell his younger self about life as a Black American in ‘Take it From Me.’
November 10, 2020 Video from GMA ABC News
This brother-sister could be the future of pro tennis
10-year-old Keito Ishida and his sister, seven-year-old Rina, are serving major fire at a young age!
November 17, 2020 Video from GMA ABC News
The hyper-realistic 'selfie' cake is the next big dessert trend
Artist and baker Natalie Sideserf can turn any object into a delicious piece of cake!
November 19, 2020 Video from GMA ABC News
GirlDad Aloe Blacc teaches his kids to be proud their Black heritage
Blacc and his wife, singer Maya Jupiter, have taken their kids across the globe to introduce them to many cultures within the African diaspora.
November 4, 2020 Video from GMA ABC News
13 first-time moms became one another’s pandemic support system
Little did they know their pregnancies and a pandemic would create a long-lasting friendship!
November 20, 2020 Video from GMA ABC News
She used to spray tan to cover her vitiligo, now she’ll never hide her true beauty
Lancaster, Pennsylvania native Tiffany Taylor hopes her story inspires others to live confidently in their own skin after she spent years concealing her vitiligo.
November 18, 2020 Video from GMA ABC News
These rose and pistachio shortbread cookies are perfect to celebrate Diwali
Food blogger Hetal Vasavada fuses her love of Indian flavors with American desserts to create these delicious cookies for Diwali.
November 11, 2020 Video from GMA ABC News
Father trains daughter in boxing to instill confidence and self-defense
Kijuan Tucker wants his daughter to know that she should require and demand respect from others.
November 16, 2020 Video from GMA ABC News
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