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1st documented COVID-19 reinfection isn't surprising, but may offer important clues about virus, experts say
By Sony Salzman, Dr. Jonathan Chan and Dr. Nate Wood
August 25, 2020 Story from Health Sony Salzman, Dr. Jonathan Chan , Dr. Nate Wood , ABC News
NIH panel members speak out about 'insufficient data' on plasma treatments
By Sasha Pezenik and Sony Salzman
September 4, 2020 Story from Health Sasha Pezenik, Sony Salzman , ABC News
As COVID-19 continues, experts warn of next pandemic likely to come from animals
By Dr. Jonathan Chan and Sony Salzman
September 3, 2020 Story from Health Dr. Jonathan Chan , Sony Salzman , ABC News
Russia announces expanded trials for coronavirus vaccine approved 10 days ago
By Patrick Reevell and Sony Salzman
August 20, 2020 Story from International Patrick Reevell, Sony Salzman , ABC News
Pfizer may win the COVID vaccine race. But distributing it could be another matter.
By Dr. Dave Harrison and Sony Salzman
September 10, 2020 Story from Health Dr. Dave Harrison, Sony Salzman , ABC News
Coronavirus vaccine tests show promise in early human testing: Study
By Sony Salzman and Ivan Pereira
May 18, 2020 Story from Health Sony Salzman, Ivan Pereira , ABC News
The toll of coronavirus: 100,000 and counting
By Pierre Thomas, Sony Salzman and Dr. John Brownstein
May 28, 2020 Story from Health Pierre Thomas, Sony Salzman, Dr. John Brownstein , ABC News
FDA authorizes emergency use of remdesivir, latest on other COVID-19 treatments
By Dr. Tiffany Kung and Sony Salzman
May 1, 2020 Story from Health Dr. Tiffany Kung, Sony Salzman , ABC News
In the race for a vaccine, children may be last to be vaccinated
By Dr. Mark Abdelmalek and Sony Salzman
June 2, 2020 Story from Health Dr. Mark Abdelmalek, Sony Salzman , ABC News
Black Americans 'epicenter' of coronavirus crisis made worse by lack of insurance
By Dr. Delaram J. Taghipour and Sony Salzman
April 9, 2020 Story from Health Dr. Delaram J. Taghipour, Sony Salzman , ABC News
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