From Thor's Hammer to Black Panther's claws, this group in China recreates their own working Marvel's 'Avengers' gear

Makerbeta turned their love of the Avengers into a business.

May 12, 2018, 4:05 AM

As Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War” continues to break box office records worldwide, the film finally its debut in China just this week.

The Marvel cinematic craze has a stronghold in China, the second largest film market in the world, and the franchise is Hollywood’s most successful in China.

And one group of fans can’t get enough and have even gone as far as to build their own working Marvel gear, like Iron Man’s blasters with real working lasers, Black Panther’s retractable claws and Dr. Strange’s magic spell.

The group, called Makerbeta, even created their own version of the hammer of Thor.

“It’s very dangerous,” Shan Chuan said to ABC News’ “Nightline” of the hammer. “This spot’s going to generate about 500,000 volts, so if someone touches it, they’ll be dead or injured.”

Makerbeta is based in the western Chinese city of Xi’an, and was co-founded by 28-year-old entrepreneur Qi Lei. Shan, an engineer, helps her bring the imaginary to life.

“We love Marvel,” Qi told “Nightline.”

“I really like watching Marvel movies, so I wish I could have their superpowers. So I would use my hands to make things to imitate their superpower. So like this one, it blows fire, and other thing to gain their supernatural skills,” Shan said.

Qi and Shan say both of their parents know what they do and find it hard to understand.

“In their mindset, this is not a proper job,” Shan said. “My parents don’t understand what we do. Perhaps they think I’m just playing, instead of trying to find a serious job.”

Whether it’s forged and polished or lasercut and 3D printed, Qiand Shan problem solve an idea and make everything from scratch with readily available material.

Makerbeta admits they’re not pioneers in their fields, but that they were inspired by a thriving overseas maker community that shares their creations on YouTube, which remains blocked in China, and saw an opening at home.

They’re trying to be the leaders in China through their own unique, highly produced and over-the-top videos.

“We are more like a maker culture’s movement, hoping to share the lifestyle to more people, because we think it’s a charming lifestyle, and we hope more people will become makers,” said Qi.

Marvel Studios is owned by ABC News' parent company, Disney.