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Beijing tightens screws on Hong Kong as contentious new law goes into effect on handover anniversary
By Karson Yiu and Britt Clennett
June 30, 2020 Story from US Karson Yiu, Britt Clennett , ABC News
Beijing braces for a possible 2nd wave of coronavirus infections
By Karson Yiu
June 15, 2020 Story from International Karson Yiu , ABC News
Hong Kong police shoot teenage protester as clashes escalate on China's National Day
By Ian Pannell, Anthony Trotter, Morgan Winsor and Karson Yiu
October 1, 2019 Story from International Ian Pannell, Anthony Trotter, Morgan Winsor, Karson Yiu , ABC News
Doctor who sounded alarm on coronavirus dies at Chinese hospital
By Bill Hutchinson and Karson Yiu
February 6, 2020 Story from International Bill Hutchinson, Karson Yiu , ABC News
Tense standoff: Hong Kong Polytechnic University becomes center of police protesters' battle
By Alice Chambers , Ian Pannell and Karson Yiu
November 18, 2019 Story from International Alice Chambers , Ian Pannell, Karson Yiu , ABC News
Hong Kong International Airport cancels all departing flights as anti-government protesters occupy terminals
By Karson Yiu and Morgan Winsor
August 12, 2019 Story from International Karson Yiu, Morgan Winsor , ABC News
Beijing's new 'starfish' airport set to open
By Karson Yiu
September 20, 2019 Story from Travel Karson Yiu , ABC News
Agony persists in aftermath of New Zealand volcanic eruption: Reporter's notebook
By Marcus Moore and Karson Yiu
December 11, 2019 Story from International Marcus Moore, Karson Yiu , ABC News
Riot police storm Hong Kong airport as protesters force second day of flight cancellations
By Karson Yiu, Conor Finnegan and Edith Honan
August 13, 2019 Story from International Karson Yiu, Conor Finnegan, Edith Honan , ABC News
'Nightline' granted rare tour of Chinese 'vocational' centers where Muslim citizens are allegedly held as prisoners
By Victor Ordonez , Karson Yiu, Jinsol Jung and Knez Walker
August 29, 2019 Story from International Victor Ordonez , Karson Yiu, Jinsol Jung, Knez Walker , ABC News
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