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'Crazy Rich Asians' star Henry Golding on controversy behind his casting in the film: 'I'm Asian through and through'
By Alexa Valiente
July 24, 2018 Story from Entertainment Alexa Valiente , ABC News
Country music breakout star Luke Combs on songwriting, his fans and remembering the Las Vegas shooting
By Laura Coburn, Hana Karar and Alexa Valiente
August 14, 2018 Story from Entertainment Laura Coburn, Hana Karar, Alexa Valiente , ABC News
What life is like today for man arrested at age 11, convicted at 14, for pregnant future stepmom's slaying
By Gail Deutsch, Juju Chang and Alexa Valiente
October 19, 2018 Story from US Gail Deutsch, Juju Chang, Alexa Valiente , ABC News
Before 'Crazy Rich Asians,' there was 'The Joy Luck Club': Cast, executive producer on the film, an all-Asian cast, 25 years later
By Alexa Valiente
August 16, 2018 Story from GMA Alexa Valiente , ABC News
Filmmaker explains why he helped police record friend confessing to Sarah Stern's murder
By Joseph Diaz, Jenner Smith and Alexa Valiente
March 1, 2019 Story from US Joseph Diaz, Jenner Smith, Alexa Valiente , ABC News
Sugarland on their comeback and healing after tragic Indiana State Fair stage collapse
By Alexa Valiente
November 11, 2018 Story from Entertainment Alexa Valiente , ABC News
Entrepreneur behind fight for sharing 3D printed gun blueprints on why he's advocating for 'the people's right to keep and bear arms'
By Meagan Redman, JESSICA HOPPER, Knez Walker and Alexa Valiente
August 9, 2018 Story from US Meagan Redman, Jessica Hopper, Knez Walker, Alexa Valiente , ABC News
40 years after the Jonestown massacre: Jim Jones' surviving sons on what they think of their father, the Peoples Temple today
By Alexa Valiente and MONICA DELAROSA
September 28, 2018 Story from US Alexa Valiente, Monica Delarosa , ABC News
Woman says she forgave her rapist after Kavanaugh allegations inspired her to reach out to him
By Claire Pedersen, Katie Muldowney and Alexa Valiente
September 27, 2018 Story from US Claire Pedersen, Katie Muldowney, Alexa Valiente , ABC News
What happened after an 11-year-old boy was accused of murdering his pregnant soon-to-be stepmom
By Gail Deutsch, Juju Chang, Lauren Effron and Alexa Valiente
October 20, 2018 Story from US Gail Deutsch, Juju Chang, Lauren Effron, Alexa Valiente , ABC News
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