Dollars4Gold Statement At Dollars4Gold, we provide an anonymous and convenient way to exchange unwanted gold, platinum and silver for cash. Unlike other companies competing in the sector, our breadth of service expands internationally, and we provide our consumers with a direct link to the largest gold refinery in North America enabling us to pass along the associated savings to our customers. Backed by the standards and policies of our public parent company (Money4Gold — MFGD), our policy has always been to have transparent and honest business practices, make concentrated efforts to communicate clearly with our customers and ensure we resolve customer satisfaction issues promptly. Historically, nearly 95 percent of Dollars4Gold's customers have accepted a cash payment in exchange for their unwanted metals. However, we stand by our 100 percent customer service guarantee, and if you are not satisfied with the offer we send you, simply send back the check within 10 days of the issue date and your items will be returned. The most common complaints to customer service are related to the perceived value of the jewelry rather than the actual market value. On our website, we outline the Dollars4Gold process in order to help educate our customers: Your items are received at the refinery, inventoried and placed in our tracking system. Professionally trained and experienced appraisers test the items using industry standards to verify they contain precious metal and in what purity (quality) the precious metals exists. The items are then weighed to determine the quantity of precious metal received. Based on our appraisal of your precious metals, we determine a payout value by taking into consideration the trading price of the underlying metal on the day we receive it. Then, a check is sent to you for the amount equal to a percentage of the full appraised value. This percentage calculates the costs incurred by Dollars4Gold for the value added services that we provide to our customers and is determined to be the highest amount that the company can afford to pay after these costs are evaluated. Related Gold Prices Push Consumers to SellAll that glitters is not always a golden opportunityStriking gold online is easy, but buyer bewareIt is important to remember that: 1) The amount we pay for your unwanted gold or other precious metals depends on the quality and quantity of the gold sent. 2) We pay based on the value of the fine metal contained, not on the ornamental value of the piece. The fine metal contained is calculated based on the purity and weight of the item. 3) We do not pay you for any gems that might be a part of the piece and advise customers to get them removed ahead of time. 4) The check you receive is our offer for your precious metal items that can be accepted by cashing the check or rejected by sending it back. We also invite you to view our score at the Better Business Bureau Web site.